tirsdag 3. oktober 2017

Guild Ball (#1): Demo Game

I have had a fairly long break from Warmachine. I don't really have the motivation to play it right now, but I miss painting, and I have been hearing about Guild Ball for a while. Basically the game is Blood Bowl, but with Warmachine rules and alternating activations. Also, it does not require you to paint hundreds of miniatures if you want to keep up with the meta. 6 models in a starter, and I think a full roster is 10 or 12 models.

I asked Alexander for a demo game, and he happily obliged.

The Guilds Face Off

I got to try Brewers, and he had Farmers. Brewers seemed pretty straight forward to play, solid and fairly punchy. Farmers seemed a lot trickier.

I scored a goal and beat up four of his players, and he scored once and beat up one of mine, for a score of 12-6 to me. He also had a great goal attempt with the teleporting scarecrow dude, where he needed one single 3+ on 2 dice.
Not  3+ on at least one die.
This was quite fun. Definitely not a casual game, but not nearly as hardcore as Warmachine.

So, I checked the Norwegian Guild Ball Facebook groups and lo and behold, another player in Oslo had an extra set of plastic Brewers from the new Kick Off set. Exactly what I wanted!

I went down today and bought them from him. Time to break out the paint bottles!

Tapper and Scum

I decided to go for a different style than I usually paint. I have painted maybe 250 Warmachine models using pretty much the same technique all the way. This is a good chance to try something new!

The characters and setting is quite cartoony. I therefore wanted to try a high-contrast scheme, with less layering and blending, going for a more "painted" look. I decided to use the amazing washes from Game Workshop instead of hand painting all the shadows. After base coat and washes I went back and added just 1 or 2 layers of strong zenithal highlight, without doing any blending.

These are the two first ones, Tapper (captain) and Scum (mascot). I think they turned out fine!

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