torsdag 12. oktober 2017

Guild Ball: October Cup Results and Post Mortem

Tournament Results at Tie Break

There was a data entry error in the first game and my actual result was 1-3 (not 0-4). :D

I got the special prize for being the first player in the tournament to score with a mascot. I thank Scum for making this momentous occasion possible.

This was great fun, thanks to the organizers!

Post Mortem

Lots of lessons learnt! These are my observations after getting those four games in.

Game play

It is important to allocate influence to players that can actually do stuff! Friday and Stave have ranged abilities and are good choices for having the max influence on the first turn. Knowing how much influence each player needs to do is job is sure to come with experience.

There are abilities I totally forget to use, like the damage and armor buffs from Hooper and Spigot.


Brewers like to stay together. They have important auras and need to have one Brewer set up with a knockdown so that another Brewer can drop kick that player later. When I get spread out, they become far less effective. Probably clever opponents will try to capitalize on this. One way to answer might be to let them get one goal and keep bricked up, so that I can take them out.

The terrain can be used to make it harder for the opponent to take possession of the ball when you are doing the opening kick. Placing a model so it can punish the character that grabs the ball seems to be a valid tactic.

Individual Models


Tapper's +1 TAC and + 1 damage aura is bonkers strong. He probably wants to go early often, since it allows him to get the aura up and also throw out 2 bonus influence. He is not super solid though. If he is the guy charging in, then perhaps getting that +1 ARM from Hooper would help.


I forgot his +1 ARM ability the entire game!


Stave is effective in matchups where there are slow melee models you can push around (like Windle in Farmers). He gets a lot less effective against high defense and ranged models. Also, his defensive stats are awful so he can become a momentum piñata for the opposing team.

He definitely seems like a situational model. I am going to invest into some alternative models. I ordered Hemlock and Harry the Hat to have some alternatives - Hemlock to counter condition spammers, and Harry for some more damage.


Friday is way stronger when close to Spigot. 5+ defense and 1 armor is way stronger than 4+ defense and 1 armor. This also allows you to become 6 defense versus charges, which makes any charge really iffy.

I learnt that when Friday triggers Dirty Knives through attacks she can auto-apply it to any enemy player in range. This makes her a lot more annoying - poisoning 4 enemy models in a single activation has to be pretty strong!


I forgot to use Tooled Up the entire game!

He is a nice pair with Friday for passing and kicking. Both of them together can get the ball from one goal to the other in a single turn. A possible counter play to more mobile opponents would be to have one of them near the midfield line so that I can kick the ball out to one of them, and then they should be able to move up and score in response.


Scum is the best cat the Brewers can take. Good Scum!

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