torsdag 12. oktober 2017

Guild Ball (#7): Tapper vs Rage

The Brewers meet the Union on the field of battle football!

Morten's models have not yet arrived, but Steamforged are cool dudes and you can download cardboard tokens from their web site.


Tapper (Captain)
Scum (Mascot)


Rage (V)

Round 1

Union wins the roll and I get to kick off. I decide to be sneaky and try to put he ball somewhere where it is hard to get.

I am not able to take control of the ball, and don't get to charge Mist with Tapper either. However, I use Stave's bomb to blast Decimate forward and into my reach. I also poison him with Friday's unwashed kitchen tools.

Round 2

I win the roll and Decimate is decimated. I throw knives at Rage, which is really dumb, since that gives away two free momentum. Stave knocks Rage away after he has unloaded on Spigot, who ends up pretty badly hurt.

Gutter and Mist score. There was not so much I could do about it without spreading my models far out, so I don't contest the scoring attempt at all.

Friday is in a good position after the Union's goal, so she takes the ball and lands it straight in the goal.

Round 3

Gutter and Mist are a bit too far away to make an easy goal. Again, I decide to just go for the grand melêe plan.

I just go for the kill, and the combined might of the buffed up Brewers take out Decimate (again), Rage, and Fangtooth.

Final score: 12-6 to the Brewers!

Post Mortem

I was happy with this game. I think ignoring the two models on the left and going for damage was a good plan. The models would have been really hard to take out and could have kited me a lot.

I had a rule wrong. Cover gives -1 TAC, not +1 DEF. If I had known then maybe I could have tried to take out Mist - I thought she was DEF 6 and almost unkillable.

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