søndag 22. oktober 2017

Guild Ball (#14): Tapper vs Grange

Yet another Brewers vs Farmers game. I am going to try out Harry "The Hat" Hallahan for the first time. I decide to switch out Hooper, since Stave can be nice against such a close combat oriented opponent.

The Farmers kick.

Round 1

I allocate full stacks to Friday, Harry, and Stave, since they are the ones with the ranged attacks.

We mostly move around, no major damage. The Farmers seem pretty intent on getting hold of the ball, and Bushel is flanking be open for scoring if they get it.

Round 2

I win he roll. Tater is within walking range of Tapper. I allocated 6 to Tapper, since I think it possible he might one round him in one activation.

One strike knocks Tater down, the next applies the aura, and 4 more strikes cleanly takes Tater out.

Grange moves in and engages everything, using his Legendary. I push him out of melee so that he does not engage anyone, since he is quite annoying when crowding out.

Round 3

The ball is grabbed and passed around the field to Bushel, who scores! 2-4 to the Farmers. Spigot then gets the ball and passes it to Friday, who dodges out of the mêlée, and scores, going 6-4.

Typical Brewer fair fighting style. Tapper, Scum, Friday and Spigot jump up and down on Harrow.

Tater manages to get off his charge and Mow Down combo, taking out The Hat.

I then take out Tater again, as well as Grange, ending up on 12-6! Another glorious win for the Brewers. I celebrate with sushi and beer for lunch.

I did not really get all that much use of Harry, I could just as well have used Hooper. I did not place myself to use his Inspiring Hat, though... allowing Teamwork without having Momentum available is probably one of his stronger abilities. Got to think about that the next time!

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