onsdag 18. oktober 2017

Guild Ball (#11): Farmers vs Brewers Demo Game

I got a chance to show Guild Ball to one of my oldest and bestest friends, Leif! Leif is a very skilled board gamer, so we just went for it with all the rules and 6 player teams, instead of doing some intro setup.




Tapper (Captain)
Scum (Mascot)

Round 1

Tapper picked up the ball, and passed it to Friday, who moved up to poison Grange. I charged her with Grange, grabbed the ball, knocked her to the ground, and passed the ball to Bushel, who failed to to pass it to Jackstraw (moral: always eat that damn cabbage).

Stave threw a keg and knocked Grange forward and close to all the brewers, setting up a brutal beat down for the next turn.

Round 2

I win the roll off and decide to use Grange first to build momentum, and then I feat. I did a misplay and did not give him Constitution, which would have been a good idea when thinking about the beating he was going to get. Anyway the feat guarantees me a counterattack, knocking down Hooper. As a result, Grange lives.

My other players block off Tapper, so that Bushel can get the ball from Jackstraw, dodge forward, run, and score.

We had to stop here since we had been playing for two hours and it was getting pretty late! But a good demo, we got to try out quite a lot of the rules. Leif seemed to really like the game, so... maybe a new player? :D

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