søndag 8. oktober 2017

Guild Ball October Cup (#3): Brewers vs Farmers (1/4)

For my first game I get my opponent from my previous game! It's Brewers vs Farmers. At least I have some idea of what his models do, now.


Nerd Pride!

Tapper (Captain)
Scum (Mascot)



Round 1

I kick the ball just over the center line with Spigot.

Jackstraw grabs the ball. I use Stave's bomb to push Windle back. Martin also forgot to use Windle's 1" dodges a few times, so it does not look like poor Windle will see much action.

Round 2

Another bomb sends Harrow into my guys and poor Windle far away.

Harrow gets obliterated by the brewers. 2-0!

Everyone piles up and Grange, taking him out as well. Bushel is too far away to score and the ball gets passed around to the other side. Spigot gets taken out by Windle, who finally manages to reach someone.

Round 3

Friday steals the ball from Jackstraw and puts it into into goal!

We had used a lot of time to get started. Tournament time runs out and dice down is called.

First game ends in a win for the Brewers, 8-4! No one managed a goal with the pet yet, so the spot prize is still open for grabs.

Next game: Brewers vs Alchemists

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