Cygnar Tactics

As I make mistakes (or good plays), I will make a note here.

Pre Battle

Make sure that units are placed so they can contest or take the objectives.

Leave corridors open so that units can move up.

If I want to charge for extra movement, I need to do this before I put up the Smoke.


When deploying, it can be a good idea to place Trenchers two and two behind each other. This gives a lot more space for moving up your other units.

Make sure to place Trenchers at the maximum distance from each other. This will allow large bases to move between them.



Caine can walk then Gatecrash to get a 12" moves on the first turn, if he is safe there.


The first turn, especially when going first, Trenchers can often use Dig In or Run instead of Smoke.

Keeping one Trencher in reserve behind the leader can help with maintaining command if the leader in the middle gets killed.


Keep Arlan near whatever Jack you expect to use to engage with first. He must be with 5" in order to repair it (or more with Telekinesis).


Keep Ragman near whatever Jack you expect to use to engage with first. He must be within 3" of the Jack's ending position to use his Death Field.

Junior and Jakes

If their Jacks must go outside their Control Range, it might be better to keep them safe and avoid having the Jack risk going Inert.


On the second activation Thorn should rotate slightly so he can see any potential Telekinesis targets in your own army.

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