søndag 14. oktober 2012

Nemo2 on Chain Attack

Chain Attack is playing my favourite caster, Nemo2, this week. I hope the old man wins! My guess on the grade: B+.


Update: They gave him a B, which I guess is fair.

I disagree strongly on the low survivability - Focus Matrix, 16" Control with Squire, and Energizer allows him to stay so far out of range that I almost never lose him, unless I have already lost the game some other way. What you do is that you can move his jacks out of his control on his turn, and then on the next turn you move up, use Focus Matrix to allocate, and Energizer to get jacks into position and Nemo back further out of range. You can easily be 20+" behind the front line and still run the jacks just fine. And, Eyriss2 a threat to Nemo2, with Stormcallers and Nemo2 being able to hang back way out of her 19" Threat? Come on. I have never, ever, seen that happen, and I've played Nemo2 against her so many times.

I'm also not so sure that Tier is *that* good, I haven't played it all that much, though. The bonuses are great, sure, but you lose so many good things - you will have no tarpit, and no Arlan. Arlan is the perfect support for Nemo - extra Focus, Disruption removal, and Evasive Action are all awesome.

I love playing Nemo with Sword Knights - a screen of either ARM 19 (against ranged) or unchargeable (against melee) Sword Knights combo so well with a couple of Reach jacks and Energizer. I'm pretty sure Boomhowler would be good as well.

Also, Fireflies are the worst Cygnar jacks, with bad defenses, bad melee *and* bad ranged attacks, and now that you can take the Stormwall for triangulations I don't see why anyone would ever bother going over Tier 1.

They didn't really note that Nemo2 has some horrible matchups. Anything that can mass Disrupt or lock down his jacks is a pain to deal with, and Mage Hunters are particularly bad. This is maybe his biggest weakness, he is pretty solid against most lists.