lørdag 28. juli 2012

List planning for Danish Masters 2012 in Århus

I met Stephan Garmark, a very friendly guy from Denmark, at the ETC. He asked me if I wanted to come to the Danish Masters in Århus, and it looks like I might be able to make the trip. The Danish are a great bunch, and I really hope I can get a spot in the tournament and travel down.

For details about the tournament, see the Danish Masters tournament rules thread.

I have not played in any Masters before, so this is going to be exiting! I will unfortunately not have time to field two fully painted tournament quality Trollbloods list for this tournament, and neither will I have much practice time, so I will have to fall back on a version of my ETC 2012 Nemo2 list for one of the lists. The other list will have to shore up some of that list's major weaknesses. To recap, some of those weaknesses are:
  • Colossals, which can power attack to weapon lock my jacks. 
  • Other list can alpha strike to successfully crack my heavy armor.
  • Upkeep removal.
  • Mass disruption or other jack shutdown.
There is a theme - lists that can shut down my three heavy jacks before I can hit hard and start attritioning will give me major headaches.

So, I will have to build a list which can deal with those things, and preferably with a Warcaster that I am already comfortable with playing, since I will have little time to practice. Enter my second favourite caster, Caine2. I will try out a list like this:

Captain Allister Caine (Caine2) (+5)
- Ol' Rowdy (9)
- Squire (2)

Eyriss, Angel of Retribution (Eyriss2) (3)
Gorman Di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist (2)
Journeyman Warcaster (3)
Ragman / Rhupert / Arlan (2)
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator (1)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)

Alexia Ciannor & The Risen (5)
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages + Gun Mage Officer (8)
- Hunter (6)
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team (4)
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt (4)
Rangers (5)

For Colossals, it has upkeep stripping and ARM debuffs, which should allow all the ranged units to shoot the Colossals to pieces. It has all the basic stuff needed for the Caine2 assassination run (10 shots, +2 to hit, ARM debuffs, upkeep removal, and focus stripping).The list might have some problems in scenario play, since there is only Rowdy with Arcane Shield that can take a punch, and Alexia is not that great a tarpit without having some other melee infantry. But, that is what the I would have liked a better tarpit than Rowdy + Alexia, like perhaps max Boomhowlers, but I don't have them yet. I guess it will have to, but with eleven Kriel Warriors to finish I just don't feel like starting painting another ten trolls. :D.

Any tips on how to make the list better are appreciated!

onsdag 18. juli 2012

Happy Rainbow Legion

My son and his cousins have started painting the Legion warpack. He now has one half-painted white and purple Carnivean, and two extremely colorful Shredders. :D

Back to the Trollbloods

I've decided to go back to Trollbloods for a while, after mainly having played Cygnar the last year. I find the tanky trolls to be a good compliment to Cygnar, offering a very different playstyle. Also, the minis are just awesome!
I took advantage of the excellent deal offered by Maelstrom during the ETC, and bought the full Long Riders and Horthol, Mulg and the Earthborn. I also have quite a few minis left to paint after last fall's Journeyman league (where I started my Trollbloods force).
I have only played Madrak so far. I have picked some casters I really want to try out. I'd like to try Doomshaper2, because the troll heavies are awesome. Calandra also looks like a very solid caster. Grim and Jarl look like they could be a lot of fun. And, of course, I want to play everyones favourite drunken madman, Borka.
This is what I managed to paint this summer:

Borka & Keg Carrier
Jarl Skuld
Fell Caller
...and also I got Eyriss2 done, since I will need her for an upcoming torunament.

mandag 16. juli 2012

Daddy Carnivean

I got my son a gift at the ETC... He had been looking at an issue of No Quarter, and really liked the Everblight models (since they were the scariest). So, I bought him a Legion of Everblight starter. He was pretty pleased about this turn of events, and we glued the models today. In a curious twist to the established mythology, it seems like the Carnivean is the daddy, Lylyth is the mommy and the four little Shredders are the children. I guess this is how a Legion nuclear family is.

He is very eager to start painting them now, and seems to be planning to enlist the support of his cousins in this regard. I will keep you appraised on the artistic results of this audacious plan.

Oh, by the way, he is five. :D

fredag 13. juli 2012

Playing Caine2 in Iron Horse tournament, Arcon 28


I played the 16 man Iron Horse tournament on Arcon 28, and since I think I more or less remember the games I'll post a quick recap of the list and battle reports. Here's the full results:


First off, the list:

- Hunter
- Squire
Stormsmith Stormcaller
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
Black 13

Yes, that's 22 shots/turn in a 15pts list. Yes, this will probably leave yet another stain on my immortal soul. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!


On to the battle reports!

Game 1: Caine2 vs Kaya.

Approximate list: Battlebox + Lord of the Feast

Turn 1: Circle moved up.
Turn 2: I moved up and put down a mutant dog.
Turn 3: Lord of the Feast failed to hit the Blur'ed ATGM. Kaya moves within 19" of Caine2, out of cover, rest of battlegroup advances.
Turn 4: Feat, Kaya is dead.

Game 2: Caine2 vs Jarl.

Approximate list: Jarl, Mauler, Impaler, 3 Long Riders.

Turn 1: Jarl and Long Riders move up. Jarl is hiding behind a house.
Turn 2: Hunter fails to do much.
Turn 3: Mauler and Impaler move up and cover Jarl, who is now within 19" of Caine. Some damage is done to the Hunter.
Turn 4. Gun mages move up and push the Impaler away. Jarl is now in sight and not in cover. Feat, Jarl is dead.

Game 3: Caine2 vs Skorne Melee Warlock

Approximate list: Agonizer, two angry elephants

I don't know what to say, this one was of course impossible for Skorne to win.

Turn 1: Skorne moves up. Warlock hides in a forest out of my sight (which is a good plan).
Turn 2: I feat to remove the hyper aggressive elephant, and there is really no way to for Endre to reach me.
Turn 3: He moves up as far as he can.
Turn 4: I shoot the Warlock with Caine.

Game 4: Caine2 vs Constance

(I was supposed to play against Cryx but Jonas had to go, so I met Alex instead).

Approximate list: Constance, Precursor Knights, Gallant

Turn 1: Precursors and Gallant move up.
Turn 2: I shoot away half the Precursors.
Turn 3: Constance moves up, camping all focus, but does not screen with the Precursor Knights, which would at least have prevented the assassination.
Turn 4: I feat and just manage to drop her on the very last roll. ARM22 is pretty rough for Caine!

4 kills for Caine, and I have my first ever tournament win!

Just out of curiosity, how would you go about beating this list at 15pts?

tirsdag 10. juli 2012

ETC 2012 - Wrap Up

This was just an awesome tournament. Great venue, good beer and cider, and lots and lots of friendly WARMACHINE and HORDES players. I will try to be back next year, and I hope all the other Norwegians will join as well!

Here is the score result:


The Swedes in Team Smorgasbord won. We placed 22nd out of 54 teams that completed the tournament, which I'm happy with, especially since we are all fairly new. Dooleys were 13th, which was very good! Team Lutefisk ended up in 49th place.

Thanks to my team mates, Mikkel, Cuba and Jonas, to all the other Norwegian players, and especially Endre for organising a lot even though he seems to hate organising.

Next year, it's no mercy! And I might be switching to trolls for a while. I got hold of Longriders and Horthol, Mulg, and the Earthborn, have a unit of Pygs in blisters at home, and I will probably have a look at Doomy2, Borka, and Calandra first. See you on the battlefield!

ETC 2012 - Game 6 - Nemo2 vs Ossyan

We get matched against Dooleys, and are unable to swap pairings! This is sad, we don't want to play our regular gaming partners. We got feated on and I got Nima playing Ossyan

Scenario: Can't remember which scenario, but it was Killbox, which makes the matchup even worse for me.

Approximate list:

- Two iJacks, they all look the same to me. I guess one was Hypnos.
The Solo with Power booster
10 Halberdiers + UA
10 Mage Hunters + UA
8 Stormfall Archers
2 Ghost Snipers

This is pretty much my worst possible matchup. The list is a hard counter to my list. Ossyan's feat obliterates my heavy armor, with all the Mage Hunter and Stormfall Archer attacks at 4D6. Also, he has a lot of control abilities that stop my jacks from working.

Nima set up, from left to right, his Mage Hunters, Snipers, Archers, Ossyan with a jack, more Archers, Halberdiers, one more Jack. I had pretty much everything in the centre.

Turn 1: I move up.

Turn 2: He starts picking away at my Sword Knights. Half of them die. Halberdiers move on his scoring zone.

Turn 3: I go for the hail mary and try to send up Thunderhead to Pulse away the Mage Hunters, misjudging the distance and getting just one instead of five. I also move further up with the Centurion and Stormclad, vastly underestimating just how much damage he deals on his feat turn. My gun mages pick away a couple of Stormfalls and some more Mage Hunters. Unfortunately both units pass their command checks. My Sword Knights goes into his scoring zone.

Turn 4: Ossyan moves up and catches pretty much everything in the feat. All my jacks are obliterated in one single turn (Nima rolled pretty well). I have almost no army, but Ossyan is far forward. I completely forget that he also debuffs my ranged attacks, and so does Nima. I start going for an assassination, but we realize halfway through that I have one less die on my damage rolls, so it cannot possibly succeed. I shift and start filling up the zone he can score in.

Turn 5: He tried to get rid of everything in the zone , hoping to score some control points before killing Nemo. There is still a Gun Mage, the Squire and Gorman left.

Turn 6: I cannot win. All I can do is to try to not give away any Control Points. So, run Gorman towards my table edge, Energizer Nemo to turn him around, and charge Gorman so I go out of the killbox! I lose by running away. Next time, Nima, next time! :D

Nima commented afterwards that he couldn't really ignore the Thunderhead where it was, so if I had kept back my other jacks he would have been forced to feat to kill it anyway. This would have been a far better strategy for me, and I'll have to keep it in mind against heavy ranged Alpha Strike forces.

So, I end up going 3-3 in ETC 2012, and so does my team.

ETC 2012 - Game 5 - Nemo2 vs Sorcha2

This was a good game, and I hade a very nice and friendly opponent. I think he wan't completely updated on MkII rules though, which made some big problems for him early on.

Scenario: A Flag Too Far

Approximate list_:

- Beast 09

Kovnik Joe
Ayana and Holt

10 Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen + UA
10 Winter Guard + UA
10 Kayazy Assassins + UA


2 Manhunters
Kayazy Eliminators

(That's a pretty bad ass flanking force!)

He set up, left to right, the Black Dragons, the Kayazy, and then Beast 09 and Sorcha towards the flag I needed to take. The Winter Guard were on the extreme right. I set up the Centurion to camp his first flag, then a line of Sword Knights, then the Stormclad, Thunderhead with the Gun Mages and support.

Turn 1: He runs up.

Turn 2: I move up a bit.

Turn 3: Enter the flanking force. Yuri and the Manhhunters go for the first flag, and the Eliminators for the second. He moves up and and takes some pot shots that don't do a whole lot of damage.

Turn 4: I Energize up and pulse away half the Winter Guard, with Black 13 and the Sword Knights on the right flank mopping up some more. Thunderhead is exposed, but i Disrupt Beast 09. The Centurion kills a pair of Manhunters.

Turn 5. He runs to engage with pretty much everything. Winter Guard kill some Sword Knights. Ayana casts Harm on Thunderhead. Sorcha moves up and tries to kill the Thunderhead, but does not feat, which is a big mistake. She rolls pretty normal rolls and fails. She cyclones back and is now standing way way too close to the Thunderhead, with no Focus. Kayazy run up and swarm the Thunderhead and the area between the Thunderhead and Sorcha, which is a good move at this point.

Turn 6. Black 13 with Blackpenny, Arcane Tempest Gun Mages, one Stormcaller and the Journeyman have no issues clearing out all the Kayazy. The line is open, I do not even need Arlan to give Evasive. I walk up three inches, Pulse, remove all the remaining Kayazy and Ayana and Holt, along with most of my Sword Knights and 2/3rds of the Black 13, making Watts the Black 4.3ths. I hit Sorcha with two more sustained attacks, leaving her at a couple of boxes. I activate my last Stormcaller, he presses the button... and zap. No more Sorcha!

My opponent unfortunately didn't know how Thunderhead worked, giving me a very straight forward assassination win. I suspect that he would not have had much of an army left anyway... my army hits like a brick, and running to engage it is pretty dangerous.

It was a good, short game.

I am now 3-2 and so is my team. :D

ETC 2012 - Game 4 - Nemo2 vs Deneghra

My opponent was worried about this matchup, but I had not played against Deneghra for a year, and forgot some important details about her spells, so he did not have that much to worry about. :D

Scenario: Incursion (I think), the three flag scenario.

 Approximate list:

- Two arc nodes
More banes
The Satyxis Solo

His setup: Satyxis on the left, banes centre and right.

My setup: Gun Mages on the left (stupid, I should have had them against the banes). Jacks and Sword Knights in the centre.

Turn 1: He moves up.

Turn 2: I move up. This is where it goes really wrong. I have only one answer to his infantry spam list, really. That answer is Thunderhead. What I should have done is make a bubble with Gorman, Centurion and Stormclad, and put Thunderhead in the middle. Then he would have been unable to arc spells into the Thunderhead.

Turn 3. Crippling Grasp on Thunderhead. I wasn't aware that it also blocked Special Attacks. That's it really, he can no longer Pulse, and since I do not have Eyriss I cannot remove it. Thunderhead is now just a big six ton paperweight, and my Gun Mages are way out position to deal with the banes.

Turn 4. I get completely overrun by an unlimited number of banes. Tartarus makes more banes. Banes banes banes. The board is very full of his pieces and rather empty of mine. 2-0 on control points to him.

Turn 5. I see one possible last ditch assassination ploy that requires about ten steps to get an Energized Centurion up to Deneghra. I need to clear a path for Arlan to the Centurion, give the Centurion Evasive Action, shoot out the three banes blocking the Centurion, Energize, walk the 2" he can walk under the Withering, and go for the hail mary and hope for a lucky Crit Sustain. I do the first five more or less correctly and then activate Nemo before the banes are cleared. OK, this was a very very long shot anyway, but it could have worked on stupidly good dice rolls. But well, I made a mess of it. I lose 4-0 on Scenario, since he scores the flags again,

Both me and my team are 2-2 after this.

ETC 2012 - Game 3 - Nemo2 vs Grim

I believe this game was against a player from Cheeseheads from the Netherlands.

Scenario: Radial with the one big circular zone in the middle.

Approximate list:

- Earthborn
- Impaler
- Bomber
Fell caller

3 Long Riders
10 Pyg Burrowers

His set up: Grim in the rear with Janyssa, cowering behind the wall for most of the game. Beasts and Fenns towards the centre. Long riders on the right flank.

My set up:  Gun Mages and a Stormcaller on the left. Jacks and support in the centre, with the Sword Knights.

Turn 1: He runs and does not burrow, but hides the pygs behind a forest. Good move!

Turn 2: I move up, polarity, start flanking with the gunmages, getting ready for taking the first hit.

Turn 3: Bomber with Far Strike starts dealing out some damage. Fennblades run into the zone. Pygs burrow so they can pop up all over the zone.

Turn 4: Gun mages clear the way, and Thunderhead moves up and Pulses, killing a bunch of Fenns. Stormclad charges the Bomber but does not do a lot of damage. Again he fails me! Sword Knights try to jam the Long Riders. Arlan fails to repair. The zone is cleared. One point for me!

Turn 5: I am made to pay for my aggression. Grim feats, slowing my force. Bomber and Earthborn maxes out on fury and rips plenty of new holes in Thunderhead and Stormclad, scrapping them both. Pygs pop out and shoot, but don't deal a lot of damage. But it's already clear I'm on the losing end of the attrition war.

Turn 6: Centurion tries to kill the Earthborn and fails. Gun mages are beginning to threaten Grim and Janyssa.

Turn 7: Horthol and the Earthborn wails on the Centurion, not doing nearly enough damage. ARM 23 is sick.

Turn 8: I hit the Earthborn some more with the Centurion, failing to kill it. But, Gorman moves up! After my attack he blinds everyone, so both the Earthborn and Horthol and the Centurion are blind. This prevents Horthol from trying a Bull Rush next turn. Arlan repairs.

Turn 9: My opponent tries his best to kill everything that is left in the zone and the Centurion, but forgets to heal Body on the Earthborn, reducing the damage dealt. So, he fails. The Centurion is still alive! He is at about six boxes at this point. It's dice down, and I have eked out a 1-0 control point victory. If the game had continued I would almost certainly have lost. Very, very close one!

I am now 2-1 and so is my team. Go go go! :D

ETC 2012 - Game 2 - Nemo2 vs Deneghra2

ETC2012 - Nemo2 vs Deneghra2

My opponent was an awesome Irish guy, Philip Johnston.

Scenario: Two circular control zones where I need the one on the left on his side.

His approximate list:

- An arcnode
- Nightmare
- Scarlock
The other banes
10 Bile Thralls
10 Ghost Raiders

He deploys from left to right: The vengeance banes, dark shroud banes and battlegroup, Bile Thralls and Ghost Raiders. I deploy: Gun Mages on the left, Battlegroup, support and Sword Knights in the centre, Centurion to the centre right. I have nothing on the right flank, intending to park the Centurion in the objective he wants. There is a building in the middle of the board, so I can force the Biles to have to run a big circle around the right flank.

Turn 1: He runs.

Turn 2: I run so that I am out of charge range.

Turn 3: Disaster! Arc node arcs a Hellmouth right into my support, killing way too much stuff. I think he killed Gorman, the Journeyman, a Stormcaller and a Gun mage, and did a few boxes on Nemo. I really should know this trick, having played Cassius. Ghost Raiders start reaching me, but the Biles can't really get anywhere. I realize the Gun Mages are on the wrong flank.Stupid!

Turn 4. I remove some banes, Feat, and Energize Thunderhead up. Bzzt! Banes die by the truckload, I think I got 7 or 8. I Sustain Attack Tartarus and he is fried. I charge Nightmare with Stormclad and... he misses on the boosted Charge roll, rolling 4... needing a 6 on 3D6. Damnation! I got to talk to the bodgers after this. Then he misses again with the buckler. The last swing connects, doing some damage. But this is serious. If I had killed Nightmare he would have had no way to kill my jacks.

Turn 5. I am overrun by blasted Ghost Raiders. They light Nemo on fire, and start making a few more. Deneghra feats, locking the front of my army in place, but not Nemo. Some Gun Mages are killed by banes. Nightmare kills the Stormclad.

Turn 6. The fire on Nemo fortunately goes out. I cannot move much, but have removed almost all the banes now. Nemo kills some Ghost Raiders engaging him and starts Energizing away for his life.

Turn 7. Thunderhead and some more Sword Knights die.

Turn 8. I charge the Centurion out of the objective to kill Nightmare. Things are looking ok at this point, we're both running out of steam, but I have a Heavy he cannot kill. Dice down! Unfortunately he has more models in the zones at this point and win on the tiebreaker.

An extremely close game! I think I would have had a win if the Stormclad hadn't flubbed that attack, this would have saved one or two of my jacks, and I do not think he would have had an answer to that. But, that's the way the dice rolls some times! He could also have been luckier on his two attempts to kill the old man.

Anyway, the Irish team was awesome, we had great games against them, and ended up going 2-2, losing on the tiebreaker. I would love to play them again, and I hope they will come to the Norwegian Masters next year. Though with their absolutely mad drinking skills, I think they would find it rather expensive... :D

ETC 2012 - Game 1 - Nemo2 vs Madrak2

Friday night, tournament time! My first opponent is a very happy Madrak2 player who was great fun to play, from "The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Belgian". He was not the Belgian.

Scenario: Outfight, Outflank, Outlast.

Approximate list:

- Axer
- Mulg
- Runebearer
Fell Caller
5 Long Riders
Fennblades + UA
Pyg Burrowers

5 Champions (reinforcements)

He deployed Fenns left, Pygs, Madrak and Mulg center, Axer, Long Riders and Horthol right. I had Centurion and Sword Knights left, then Thunderhead, Nemo and support, Stormclad, and finally Gun Mages right.

Turn 1: He runs and burrows.

Turn 2: I advance and set up outside his charge range, using Polarity.

Turn 3: He runs to engage with pretty much everything, except Mulg and Madrak, but forgets to deploy his flanking Champions,

Turn 4: WHAM. I remove some of the Fennblades near Thunderhead witth my support and feat with Nemo. Thunderhead energizes up into the hole I made and Pulses, frying about 3 Fennblades, 8 Pygs, and my own Gorman. My support kills the rest of the Pygs. Centurion moves up and tries to assassinate Madrak, which fails. Sword knights kill some more Fenns. On the right flank, Stormblade goes medieval on the Long Riders, and together with my flanking force I kill every single one and dismount Horthol. Two Gun Mages walk up and push the Axer out of control. Almost half his army are toast. Things are looking good! My opponent keeps drinking and smiling.

Turn 5: Axer goes bananas and charges the now Bull-less Horthol from the rear, decapitating him in one angry blow. Champions deploy. Mulg easily dispatches Thunderhead. Madrak  feats and kills some more stuff. Centurion has some scratches. I score my first control point on the right, which is now almost troll free - just the frenzied Axer left.

Turn 6: I fail to kill the Axer. My right flank starts moving to the left. More stuff dies on the left, Centurion is still standing.

Turn 7: He kills the Centurion but can't get his army over to the other side.

Turn 8.. More killing on the left flank. Centurion finally goes down to eMadrak and Mulg, but it does not matter. There is nothing on the right after my Stormclad kills the Axer. I score a control point.

Turn 9. I score the last control point since he's too far away. Win! Afterwards we drink some beer!

A really good start to the tournament! Our team won 3-1.

My Nemo2 Cygnar Army for ETC 2012 in Mansfield

Here is the list I played.

Nemo2 (+6)
- Centurion (9)
- Thunderhead (12)
- Stormclad (10)
- Squire (2)
Arlan Strangewayes (2)
Gorman Di Wulfe (2)
Journeyman Warcaster (3)
2 Stormsmith Stormcaller (2)
6 Arcane Tempest Gun Mages + UA (8)
10 Sword Knights (6)


Black 13 (4)
10 Sword Knights (6)

Since this was my first major tournament, I spent a really long time tuning this list... many months. I think the thing that took it from OK to pretty solid was the last week removal of Ironclad, Black 13 and a Stormcaller and addition of Thunderhead, who I had never used. He's absolutely awesome... 14" Threat on the Pulse, very good assasination potential, kills Banes, Kayazy, Winter Guard, Byg Burrowers and Nyss like there's no tomorrow.

I was pretty happy with the reinforcements as well. Getting the Black 13 way behind the enemy is really strong, and a total of 20 Sword Knights is hard to chew through for many lists.

My general strategy:

Centurion + Fail Safe goes on whatever objective the opponent wants. ARM 23 + no charge + no removing the shield is a very tough nut to crack. I only gave away objective points in one match.

Thunderhead + Arlan moves to engage whatever squishy troops the opponent has, or makes towards the opposing caster, with the Stormclad + Polarity Shield near him to deal with heavies, stop the enemy from charging, and clear the path for Thunderhead. Their job is to do damage, lots of damage.

Sword Knights + Arcane Shield follow the Stormclad.

ATGM usually flank and move towards whatever Stealth / high DEF infantry the infantry has. It varies a lot where I deploy them.

One Stormcaller on each flank, or up against jacks I need to disrupt or solos I need to take out (hey there Eyriss2). I also use them as capping solos.

Gorman protects Nemo, and moves up to annoy the opponent if I need him to.

Nemo buff cycles Lightning Shroud and Failsafe if he can, otherwise he keeps back. Far, far back, since he's an old man and dies to a stiff breeze.

The main weaknesses of the list are heavy Disruption and alpha strikes that kill my jacks. But it seems to do pretty well, my main problems are Stormwall and Retribution dice stacking.

OK, enough about the army. On to the action!

I have created my WARMACHINE blog. Welcome!

Hi there,

Instead of posting WARMACHINE and HORDES stuff on Google+, Picasa, Facebook, the PP forums and 2D6, I thought that I might just as well create a blog and link to it. We'll see how it goes. So, here it is! Welcome all.

The name of the blog is of course my favourite Warcaster General Adept Sebastian Nemo's very own electroleap buff. I took him to ETC 2012 in Mansfield last weekend.

Our team was Cuba (team captain), Mikkel, Jonas and me. Cuba brought Damiano (Mercenary), with a nasty double Mule crit devastation list. Mikkel had a sneaky Cassisius assassination list with plenty of teleporting goodness. Jonas was playing Coven (Cryx) with lots of infantry and Deathjack. I had a fairly grindy / control Nemo2 (Cygnar) list with Reach heavies, the Thunderhead, and lots of Sword Knights and Gun Mages.

We had a nice trip down. We lost the last train and got stuck temporarily in Worksop, but a couple of local girls, who just had got their drivers licenses and had to get back to mom before half past eleven, or there would be hell to pay, got some of us to Mansfield at a rather alarmingly high speed. The rest took a taxi. We lived, though. The one who drove us didn't know where Norway was. But they were very nice. I guess a taxi would have been a safer choice...

The gaming venue, Maelstrom Games, was awesome. Dining tent outside, room for 240 players inside, and a bar with cider on tap and fairly low prices. We had a couple of days there before the tournament started, which I mainly spent meeting new people and having friendly games. It was very instructive.

I had my first two games against double Stormwall, played by two players from Team Sprocket. The first one was against Nemo3 and went tits up rather quickly, after both the Stormwalls weapon locked my Centurion and Stormclad and the Stormsmiths zapped all my gunmages. The second one went a bit better against Darius, but I overlooked his Jackhammer assassination run and poor Nemo got one-shotted. I also got assassinated by a very nice and friendly local player, with some Sniped Phantom Hunter combo that I hear is pretty standard. Well, now I know. :D

I won the other four casual games. Honestly I can't remember right now who I played in the games I won. As always I tend to remember my mistakes better than my wins... which I guess is good...

The next post will be my tournament list.