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ETC 2012 - Game 2 - Nemo2 vs Deneghra2

ETC2012 - Nemo2 vs Deneghra2

My opponent was an awesome Irish guy, Philip Johnston.

Scenario: Two circular control zones where I need the one on the left on his side.

His approximate list:

- An arcnode
- Nightmare
- Scarlock
The other banes
10 Bile Thralls
10 Ghost Raiders

He deploys from left to right: The vengeance banes, dark shroud banes and battlegroup, Bile Thralls and Ghost Raiders. I deploy: Gun Mages on the left, Battlegroup, support and Sword Knights in the centre, Centurion to the centre right. I have nothing on the right flank, intending to park the Centurion in the objective he wants. There is a building in the middle of the board, so I can force the Biles to have to run a big circle around the right flank.

Turn 1: He runs.

Turn 2: I run so that I am out of charge range.

Turn 3: Disaster! Arc node arcs a Hellmouth right into my support, killing way too much stuff. I think he killed Gorman, the Journeyman, a Stormcaller and a Gun mage, and did a few boxes on Nemo. I really should know this trick, having played Cassius. Ghost Raiders start reaching me, but the Biles can't really get anywhere. I realize the Gun Mages are on the wrong flank.Stupid!

Turn 4. I remove some banes, Feat, and Energize Thunderhead up. Bzzt! Banes die by the truckload, I think I got 7 or 8. I Sustain Attack Tartarus and he is fried. I charge Nightmare with Stormclad and... he misses on the boosted Charge roll, rolling 4... needing a 6 on 3D6. Damnation! I got to talk to the bodgers after this. Then he misses again with the buckler. The last swing connects, doing some damage. But this is serious. If I had killed Nightmare he would have had no way to kill my jacks.

Turn 5. I am overrun by blasted Ghost Raiders. They light Nemo on fire, and start making a few more. Deneghra feats, locking the front of my army in place, but not Nemo. Some Gun Mages are killed by banes. Nightmare kills the Stormclad.

Turn 6. The fire on Nemo fortunately goes out. I cannot move much, but have removed almost all the banes now. Nemo kills some Ghost Raiders engaging him and starts Energizing away for his life.

Turn 7. Thunderhead and some more Sword Knights die.

Turn 8. I charge the Centurion out of the objective to kill Nightmare. Things are looking ok at this point, we're both running out of steam, but I have a Heavy he cannot kill. Dice down! Unfortunately he has more models in the zones at this point and win on the tiebreaker.

An extremely close game! I think I would have had a win if the Stormclad hadn't flubbed that attack, this would have saved one or two of my jacks, and I do not think he would have had an answer to that. But, that's the way the dice rolls some times! He could also have been luckier on his two attempts to kill the old man.

Anyway, the Irish team was awesome, we had great games against them, and ended up going 2-2, losing on the tiebreaker. I would love to play them again, and I hope they will come to the Norwegian Masters next year. Though with their absolutely mad drinking skills, I think they would find it rather expensive... :D

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