tirsdag 10. juli 2012

I have created my WARMACHINE blog. Welcome!

Hi there,

Instead of posting WARMACHINE and HORDES stuff on Google+, Picasa, Facebook, the PP forums and 2D6, I thought that I might just as well create a blog and link to it. We'll see how it goes. So, here it is! Welcome all.

The name of the blog is of course my favourite Warcaster General Adept Sebastian Nemo's very own electroleap buff. I took him to ETC 2012 in Mansfield last weekend.

Our team was Cuba (team captain), Mikkel, Jonas and me. Cuba brought Damiano (Mercenary), with a nasty double Mule crit devastation list. Mikkel had a sneaky Cassisius assassination list with plenty of teleporting goodness. Jonas was playing Coven (Cryx) with lots of infantry and Deathjack. I had a fairly grindy / control Nemo2 (Cygnar) list with Reach heavies, the Thunderhead, and lots of Sword Knights and Gun Mages.

We had a nice trip down. We lost the last train and got stuck temporarily in Worksop, but a couple of local girls, who just had got their drivers licenses and had to get back to mom before half past eleven, or there would be hell to pay, got some of us to Mansfield at a rather alarmingly high speed. The rest took a taxi. We lived, though. The one who drove us didn't know where Norway was. But they were very nice. I guess a taxi would have been a safer choice...

The gaming venue, Maelstrom Games, was awesome. Dining tent outside, room for 240 players inside, and a bar with cider on tap and fairly low prices. We had a couple of days there before the tournament started, which I mainly spent meeting new people and having friendly games. It was very instructive.

I had my first two games against double Stormwall, played by two players from Team Sprocket. The first one was against Nemo3 and went tits up rather quickly, after both the Stormwalls weapon locked my Centurion and Stormclad and the Stormsmiths zapped all my gunmages. The second one went a bit better against Darius, but I overlooked his Jackhammer assassination run and poor Nemo got one-shotted. I also got assassinated by a very nice and friendly local player, with some Sniped Phantom Hunter combo that I hear is pretty standard. Well, now I know. :D

I won the other four casual games. Honestly I can't remember right now who I played in the games I won. As always I tend to remember my mistakes better than my wins... which I guess is good...

The next post will be my tournament list.

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