tirsdag 10. juli 2012

ETC 2012 - Game 4 - Nemo2 vs Deneghra

My opponent was worried about this matchup, but I had not played against Deneghra for a year, and forgot some important details about her spells, so he did not have that much to worry about. :D

Scenario: Incursion (I think), the three flag scenario.

 Approximate list:

- Two arc nodes
More banes
The Satyxis Solo

His setup: Satyxis on the left, banes centre and right.

My setup: Gun Mages on the left (stupid, I should have had them against the banes). Jacks and Sword Knights in the centre.

Turn 1: He moves up.

Turn 2: I move up. This is where it goes really wrong. I have only one answer to his infantry spam list, really. That answer is Thunderhead. What I should have done is make a bubble with Gorman, Centurion and Stormclad, and put Thunderhead in the middle. Then he would have been unable to arc spells into the Thunderhead.

Turn 3. Crippling Grasp on Thunderhead. I wasn't aware that it also blocked Special Attacks. That's it really, he can no longer Pulse, and since I do not have Eyriss I cannot remove it. Thunderhead is now just a big six ton paperweight, and my Gun Mages are way out position to deal with the banes.

Turn 4. I get completely overrun by an unlimited number of banes. Tartarus makes more banes. Banes banes banes. The board is very full of his pieces and rather empty of mine. 2-0 on control points to him.

Turn 5. I see one possible last ditch assassination ploy that requires about ten steps to get an Energized Centurion up to Deneghra. I need to clear a path for Arlan to the Centurion, give the Centurion Evasive Action, shoot out the three banes blocking the Centurion, Energize, walk the 2" he can walk under the Withering, and go for the hail mary and hope for a lucky Crit Sustain. I do the first five more or less correctly and then activate Nemo before the banes are cleared. OK, this was a very very long shot anyway, but it could have worked on stupidly good dice rolls. But well, I made a mess of it. I lose 4-0 on Scenario, since he scores the flags again,

Both me and my team are 2-2 after this.

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