tirsdag 10. juli 2012

ETC 2012 - Game 5 - Nemo2 vs Sorcha2

This was a good game, and I hade a very nice and friendly opponent. I think he wan't completely updated on MkII rules though, which made some big problems for him early on.

Scenario: A Flag Too Far

Approximate list_:

- Beast 09

Kovnik Joe
Ayana and Holt

10 Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen + UA
10 Winter Guard + UA
10 Kayazy Assassins + UA


2 Manhunters
Kayazy Eliminators

(That's a pretty bad ass flanking force!)

He set up, left to right, the Black Dragons, the Kayazy, and then Beast 09 and Sorcha towards the flag I needed to take. The Winter Guard were on the extreme right. I set up the Centurion to camp his first flag, then a line of Sword Knights, then the Stormclad, Thunderhead with the Gun Mages and support.

Turn 1: He runs up.

Turn 2: I move up a bit.

Turn 3: Enter the flanking force. Yuri and the Manhhunters go for the first flag, and the Eliminators for the second. He moves up and and takes some pot shots that don't do a whole lot of damage.

Turn 4: I Energize up and pulse away half the Winter Guard, with Black 13 and the Sword Knights on the right flank mopping up some more. Thunderhead is exposed, but i Disrupt Beast 09. The Centurion kills a pair of Manhunters.

Turn 5. He runs to engage with pretty much everything. Winter Guard kill some Sword Knights. Ayana casts Harm on Thunderhead. Sorcha moves up and tries to kill the Thunderhead, but does not feat, which is a big mistake. She rolls pretty normal rolls and fails. She cyclones back and is now standing way way too close to the Thunderhead, with no Focus. Kayazy run up and swarm the Thunderhead and the area between the Thunderhead and Sorcha, which is a good move at this point.

Turn 6. Black 13 with Blackpenny, Arcane Tempest Gun Mages, one Stormcaller and the Journeyman have no issues clearing out all the Kayazy. The line is open, I do not even need Arlan to give Evasive. I walk up three inches, Pulse, remove all the remaining Kayazy and Ayana and Holt, along with most of my Sword Knights and 2/3rds of the Black 13, making Watts the Black 4.3ths. I hit Sorcha with two more sustained attacks, leaving her at a couple of boxes. I activate my last Stormcaller, he presses the button... and zap. No more Sorcha!

My opponent unfortunately didn't know how Thunderhead worked, giving me a very straight forward assassination win. I suspect that he would not have had much of an army left anyway... my army hits like a brick, and running to engage it is pretty dangerous.

It was a good, short game.

I am now 3-2 and so is my team. :D

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