onsdag 18. juli 2012

Back to the Trollbloods

I've decided to go back to Trollbloods for a while, after mainly having played Cygnar the last year. I find the tanky trolls to be a good compliment to Cygnar, offering a very different playstyle. Also, the minis are just awesome!
I took advantage of the excellent deal offered by Maelstrom during the ETC, and bought the full Long Riders and Horthol, Mulg and the Earthborn. I also have quite a few minis left to paint after last fall's Journeyman league (where I started my Trollbloods force).
I have only played Madrak so far. I have picked some casters I really want to try out. I'd like to try Doomshaper2, because the troll heavies are awesome. Calandra also looks like a very solid caster. Grim and Jarl look like they could be a lot of fun. And, of course, I want to play everyones favourite drunken madman, Borka.
This is what I managed to paint this summer:

Borka & Keg Carrier
Jarl Skuld
Fell Caller
...and also I got Eyriss2 done, since I will need her for an upcoming torunament.

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