mandag 16. juli 2012

Daddy Carnivean

I got my son a gift at the ETC... He had been looking at an issue of No Quarter, and really liked the Everblight models (since they were the scariest). So, I bought him a Legion of Everblight starter. He was pretty pleased about this turn of events, and we glued the models today. In a curious twist to the established mythology, it seems like the Carnivean is the daddy, Lylyth is the mommy and the four little Shredders are the children. I guess this is how a Legion nuclear family is.

He is very eager to start painting them now, and seems to be planning to enlist the support of his cousins in this regard. I will keep you appraised on the artistic results of this audacious plan.

Oh, by the way, he is five. :D

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