søndag 22. oktober 2017

Guild Ball (#15): Tapper vs Obulus

This was going to be interesting. I haven't played against the Morticians, Jonas hasn't played with the Morticians. I knew they all had walls of texts, tons of abilities, and so on, none of them good for me. I think that when playing a new army in any game, it's best to just dive in see what happens, so we did.

I was forgetful with taking photos this game, so I don't have nearly enough. Sorry! I guess I was too caught up in all the possible shenanigans.

Dr. Evil here loves Cryx and Morticians.
Just look at that smile! 


Tapper (Captain)
Scum (Mascot)
Hemlocke (Union)


Seems like a team setup with a ton of control, some good football, but low damage. There is some stacking available with Singled Out and Tooled Up, but but Ghast and Graves have very long playbooks.


Round 1

Hemlock saves my ass with her Smelling Salts after Silence sets fire to half my models.

Obulus does his Jedi mind trick and makes me pass the ball to him.

Round 2

Silence starts and manages to force my 6 Influence Tapper to go last, and Hooper to go first. Unbelievably annoying! I still get to use him to deal quite a lot of damage to Ghast, but Ghast survives, and of course I lose the Character Play that hands out 2 extra influence.

Hemlock lands a beautiful poison AOE that hits 3 Mortician players.

Both the pets die, and Morticians score a goal with Bonesaw, who then goes up to 5 DEF for the rest of the game. 5-1 to the Morticians!

Round 3

This time I win initiative and Tapper takes a full stack of 5. He murders Ghast, then proceeds to start hitting god damn Silence. The rest of the Brewers then take out Silence, so at least I don't have to worry about my activation order.

Ghast uses The Unmasking to throw everyone away (including a bunch of Mortician models). I then proceed to start beating up models. Ghast goes down

Obolus steals all my momentum, so that Morticians have 2 and I have 0. Just to rub it in he puts MY influence tokens on his side! Shameful, dirty Morticians! Obulus dodges away, dodges again by hitting Tapper, steals the ball from Hooper with his mind tricks, and scores! It is now 9-5 to the Morticians.

Round 4

Poor Graves is surrounded by Brewers and goes down, and I also take out Dirge again. This leaves me at 8-9. The Morticians do not have much on the right side of the field, allowing Spigot to run up uncontested, and score! 12-9 to the Brewers.

Post Mortem

Morticians seems like a fun team to play! They have an amazing variety of tricks, and the game was totally different from any of my other games. The setup seems a bit weak on damage. It seems pretty hard to take out two Brewers, and scoring thrice is not easy.

I did a really poor play by picking up the ball within reach of Obulus. I should just have let it lie on the ground until I had a clear scoring opportunity, and forced him to have to run into my scrappy Brewers.

Hemlock did a great job here! Now that she has proven herself against both Morticians and Alchemists, I feel pretty confident that she will be part of my 10 man tournament roster.

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  1. If she always hits her 1 dice blind she's usually always worth it, the problem comes when doesn't and a beaty team chuckles at her 10 health and puts her on the ground. She has her uses however, don't get me wrong :D

    1. She is fragile and needs to be protected. Having 5 other Brewers nearby to punish anyone charging her can be pretty good protection, though.

      Bonus Time makes Blind more reliable, but it makes it harder to activate her first in the turn. However, just having her there with 1 influence can force the opponent to make sub-optimal activations in order to avoid having a critical piece blinded before it can activate.


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