søndag 29. oktober 2017

Guild Ball (#19): Esters vs Obulus - 4 Dice and Miss

I requested a match against Morticians, since I have only one game so far, and they seems pretty tricksy!

I decide to try out some of my new Brewers, and see how a 100% shooty list works. I take Esters, Spigot for Tooled Up, all the shooty models (Friday, Hemlocke and Stoker), and Scum.


Hemlocke (Union)


Mist (Union)

I move Spigot up, do a greedy kick, and it fails. The ball is given to Graves.

Round 1

Esters: 5, Friday:2, Spigot: 1, Stoker: 3, Hemlocke: 2
Obulus: 4, Ghast: 1, Graves: 2, Cosset: 2, Mist: 4

Obulus Mind Controls Spigot and makes him run forward. He activates and runs back. Cosset moves up and Lures him forward again, setting him up for Mist. The ball is kicked over to Mist.

I set Obulus on fire and poison him, leaving him at only 6 health. Cosset is set on fire and ends up at 7 health. My team sure shoots pretty hard...

Round 2

Esters: 2, Friday:4, Spigot: 4, Stoker: 2, Hemlocke: 1
Obulus: 4, Ghast: 3, Cosset: 2, Mist: 4

Cosset moves up to Spigot, and with the help of Dirge, takes him from full to nothing in a single activation. Mist does a run on the goal that should by all rights have worked. 4 misses...

Ester damage buffs herselfs. I then take out Dirge with Esters (having zero momentum at that point). The score ends up 3-2, which is just dumb luck.

Round 3

Esters: 5, Friday:2, Spigot: 3, Stoker: 1, Hemlocke: 1
Obulus: 4, Ghast: 3, Cosset: 2, Mist: 4

Spigot grabs the ball. Mist goes forward and takes the ball of Spigot, and taps it in.

Esters uses her Legendary to give herself and Stoker more damage, and +1 defense to Friday. I suspect that Friday might be all alone later in the turn, after Mist scores...

The goal kick then goes out near Friday, who is able to just run, pick it up, and punt it into the goal.

I also take out Cosset in retaliation. The score is now 9-6.

Morticians make a very short punt out from the goal, leaving it well withing Friday's goal threat range.

Hemlock is attacked by Ghast and pushed forward. I declare a counter-attack, which is silly, since she has too short melee rage. She does a clutch Blind on Graves and rolls a 6. This makes it harder for him to take out Friday. Graves attacks Friday, but Stig forgets that he has Bleed and +1 damage from Tooled Up. We find this out later in the turn. I offer to remove Friday, but Stig refuses. She stays on the board.

Round 4

Esters: 5, Friday:4, Spigot: 4, Hemlocke: 1

I can either go for Friday kicking the ball in, or kill Dirge and then pile up on Ghast.

Friday dodges, circles around Graves, tackles Cosset, gives Cosset a momentous push, Cosset attacks back, dodges out of Friday's melee range. Friday Bonus Times and taps the ball in. 12-6 to the Brewers!

Post Mortem

Against the Morticians I think it makes sense to kick with my highest defense model, to make it harder to pull off stuff like pulling in Spigot and bouncing off him. It would also be good to be able to keep the kicker within reach of someone with an easy knockdown. I should probably try to avoid having one player far forward, it makes it easier for the Morticians drag that player in without over-extending.

Hemlocke seems like a bad pick with Esters. I have too little influence to power everything. All the shooting is Esters 4, Friday 4, Stoker 3, Hemlocke 2 (and +1 for Blind) and Spigot 1. This is already at least 1 more than the 13 I have - and it's also quite possible someone needs to run as well!

Both Esters and Hemlocke have AOE condition removal, and duplicate toolbox abilities is often wasted. Next time I will probably take Hooper or PintPot for more melee damage and momentum potential.

Overall, I think Hemlocke makes more sense with Tapper. It's quite possible I'll keep her in the roster.

I really missed Tapper. It was a lot harder to build momentum with this list. I get a better first turn, but it seemed like all the other turns were worse.

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