onsdag 18. oktober 2017

Guild Ball: Hemlocke, painted!

After painting Harry "The Hat" Hallahan, I moved on to Hemlocke. She has quite a list of plays, both defensive, by removing negative conditions, and offensive, by blinding players and dealing damage. I think she might be a good toolbox to add to my roster.

I am happy with the cape color. It's P3 Arcane Blue shaded with GW Drakenhof Nightshade. I made slightly irregular highlights by drawing small diagonal, crossing lines in Arcane Blue + White. The hem is P3 Beate Purple shaded with GW Druchii Violet, and highlight is Purple + Pink.

The plants are P3 Wurm Green with GW Shade and highlights picked out with Wurm Green + White.

For contrast with all the cold colors, I have her red pants and bright yellow hair.

As you can see above, each color is pretty straightforward! Base color, GW magic, pick out the highlights.



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