torsdag 12. oktober 2017

Guild Ball October Cup (#6): Brewers vs Engineers (4/4)

I have Warmachine with Amund many times before, and I know him to be a skilled and strategic player. I braced myself for a tough match! He brought Engineers, which I have also not played before. They seem pretty tough, with high defense and high armor, ranged attacks, and also some nimble Mechanika. Many of the players ignore the first instance of negative status effects, which can be annoying with all my pushes and knockdowns.


Tapper (Captain)
Scum (Mascot)


Ballista (Captain)
Mainspring (Mascot)

Round 1

I try to copy my previous opponent's clever play by putting the ball behind rough terrain. But, of course, Amund has anticipated my ploy. Colossus ignores rough terrain... I get controlled pretty bad by knockbacks and rough terrain AOEs. The balled is passed to Velocity who zooms up the board. I move Spigot in her direction to see if anything can be done.

Round 2

At this point I am clearly struggling.

Velocity easily scores a goal. I get the ball on to the side where the Engineers has few players. Spigot scores a goal.

Round 3

Tapper, Friday and Stave are taken out. By using enough momentum Rocket is able to stand up, dodge, run, and use his Legendary Play to shoot the ball straight through all my guys.

12-4 to the Engineers! I was totally outplayed this match, this was not even close. At least now I have seen many of their abilities.  I have to really get the buff chain going to be able to punch through this, and be careful with the spacing so that I don't get several models caught in AOEs.

That's all! I have also written a Post Mortem.

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