søndag 26. november 2017

Guild Ball (#38): Oslo November Cup - Shark vs Honour (1/4)

In the first round I meet Manuel, who gave me a good fight in the same matchup a few days ago.


Shark (Captain)
Salt (Mascot)



I felt fairly confident going in, I have all the tools to get the ball off the Masons, and they will have a hard time making many takeouts with this list against me. However, Manuel is a strong player, he positions well, so if I make any mistakes he will certainly punish me for it.

I am lucky - Mallet does an agressive kick that fails. The ball is placed on Salt.

Turn 1

Shark: 6, Salt: 1, Greyscales: 2, Hag: 1, Sakana: 1, Siren: 3
Honour: 6, Marbles: 0, Brick: 1, Chisel: 1, Flint: 1, Mallet: 3, 

The plan here is to pass the ball, let it end up with Shark, and use the Hag and Shark's threat to score a first turn goal.

It works like a charm. Shark runs around Chisel and engages Marbles. The Masons had misplaced slightly, so Brick could not counter charge between Marbles and Flint. Then I built momentum and scored, ending with a Knee Slider out.

The Masons were on the ball, though (heh)... Honour kicked the ball to Mallet and gave him a double activation. He also scored. 4-4!

I kicked the ball to the left so that Sakana could grab it. The plan is to pass it up to Greyscales and score.

Turn 2

Shark: 4, Salt: 1, Greyscales: 4, Hag: 0, Sakana: 2, Siren: 3
Honour: 6, Marbles: 1, Brick: 1, Chisel: 1, Flint: 0, Mallet: 3

Siren is taken out. The Masons are kind enough to try to place Brick in the way of Greyscales, giving me a prefect target to dodge off on my goal run. Score! 8-6 to the Fishermen.

The ball is passed up to Harmony. Shark builds momentum and dodges towards the center of the pitch. I win the initiative, giving me good chances...

Turn 3

Shark: 6, Salt: 0, Greyscales: 4, Hag: 1, Sakana: 4, Siren: 0
Honour: 6, Marbles: 1, Brick: 1, Chisel: 1, Flint: 0, Mallet: 3

Sakana runs around the building and grabs the ball off Harmony, kicking it into space near Greyscales. No-one can stop Greyscales from getting the ball and tapping it in.

12-6 to the Fishermen!

Post Mortem

Things went pretty much as planned during this game. It really is quite hard for the Masons to keep the ball here! The counter-attack bubbles are pretty annoying, but of course the Fishermen are fast enough that they can often often dodge or run into melee, and then dodge or run out again.

Next round is against the Hunters!

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