fredag 3. november 2017

Guild Ball (#22): Tapper vs Honour - Somebody Puts Flint In A Corner

After having the after-work game at Megapop, I wolfed down some falafels and went down to Outland. Manuel was waiting and ready to try out his Masons for the third time! He has yet to score a goal in Guild Ball. We'll see if we can oblige!





I kick off with Tapper, since I like to get him within range of stuff.

Round 1

Tapper: 3, Scum: 1, Friday: 4, PintPot:0, Spigot: 1, Stave: 3
Honour: 4, Marbles: 1, Brick: 1, Flint: 2, Harmony: 2, Mallet: 2

I think allocating 0 to PintPot was a mistake, he ended up a bit too far back.

I tried to make a play by baiting Brick into counter-charging Friday, but forgot that he had not yet activated. So he smashed Friday into the dirt and backed out again. Oops!

Round 2

Tapper: 6, Scum: 1, Friday: 0, PintPot: 1, Spigot: 2, Stave: 2
Honour: 5, Marbles: 0, Brick: 1, Flint: 3, Harmony: 1, Mallet: 2

Flint is flanking hard!

Mallet made a play here by knocking down Tapper and pushing him out of melee range. I had no momentum, and everything was a bit far away! But I had a counter-move. Stave ran up and hit Honour (knocking her so far away she did not get to engage anyone), Brick and Mallet! Mallet ended up knocked down in front of a 6-stack Tapper. Only one end to that! 2-0 to the Brewers.

Harmony had dived in the generate some much needed momentum last turn, but rolled terribly and failed. So, there was no momentum to score. Brick ran into the corner.

Round 3

Tapper: 6, Scum: 1, Friday: 2, PintPot: 1, Spigot: 2, Stave: 0
Honour: 5, Marbles: 1, Brick: 2, Flint: 3, Harmony: 1, Mallet: 0

Harmony goes down, of course. Flint then moves in and scores a goal. It was a misplay to score this early - I could not really do anything about it, and this gave me a change to score myself. Score is even, 4-4.

Scum picks up the ball and zooms forward! He kicks and scores! 8-4 to the Brewers. Note Spigot there, which is why Scum could kick at 5".

Round 4 and 5

I just need two more takeouts, so Brewers do what Brewers do second best (next after drinking). Honor goes down first, then Marbles. Friday is also taken out. My opponent had to leave at this point, but it could only end one way. 11-6 to the Brewers!

Post Mortem

Those counter-charges are a pain to play around! I did some misplays, but overall it went well. We talked over it a bit and we think that Masons should probably use their a bit more, and be more careful about charging right into the middle of my guys.

And, Manuel got his first goal in Guild Ball, congratulations!

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  1. Thanks for the game, sorry I had to leave early.

    These reports are cool, I was watching the pictures and now I have a lot of better ideas than the plays I did in the game, specially in the last one. Engaging with Harmony instead of running the ball to Flint was so stupid.

    And btw, did I not take out Friday? I though it was 11-6.

    Looking forward to play again.

    1. No problem, it was a long game.

      Great that you find the report useful, too!

      You are indeed correct, you took out Friday. I'll correct the report! :D


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