fredag 3. november 2017

Guild Ball (#21): Veteran Rage vs Tapper - Demo Game

I had brought Guild Ball to work today! As game developers it of course our solemn duty to keep abreast of all developments in the gaming world. So today, I teach Guild Ball to my friend and colleague Thomas.

I tried out Union for the first time. The team consists of the 6 Union models I have painted so far. Thomas got the Brewers starter. Thomas is a skilled gamer, so we just dived straight into it!

Hard at work @ Megapop


Veteran Rage
Harry "The Hat"



Turn 1

Brewers kicked, I receive , Mist gets into position for the next turn.

Turn 2

Look here, Jonas! Measuring Device Porn! Get your measuring snakes at Frozen Forge, today!

It's a goal!

Turn 3

Scum takes revenge, and taps it in!

Rage and Harry spent the previous turn hitting Tapper, and he ended up being pushed far, far away from everyone else.

Round 4

Tapper got taken out, and Mist scores again.

Benediction gets surrounded, and eventually taken out by the combined might of the ungodly Brewers.

Rage is mad. Really mad. He makes short work of Spigot, and it's 12-6 to the Union!

Post Mortem

No analysis. Rage hits hard, Mist can score, and Benediction is a hard nut to crack.

We had a great time!

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