mandag 27. november 2017

Guild Ball (#40): Oslo November Cup - Shark vs Theron (3/4)

The next game is versus Pundit Andreas, who is bringing Theron and the bear. Andreas is currently the top ranked Guild Ball player in Norway, so this is sure going to be hard. Turns out Andreas has actually never played against the Fishermen!


Shark (Captain)
Tentacles (Mascot)


Theron (Captain)
Fahad (Mascot)

Sorry about the lack of pictures. The game got quite tense and I really had to focus!

Turn 1

The bear kicks off.

Seenah did not know about unpredictable, I let him get a take back and go base to base. Greyscales is eaten up by a hungry bear.

Shark scores with the final activation. 4-2 to the Fishermen!

Turn 2

Tentacles and Siren are gobbled up, one of them with a Bear Hug. 6-4 to the Hunters! Shark is able to retrieve the ball and score again. 8-6 to the Fishermen!

Turn 3

I had forgotten about the Boom Box ability. Shark is pushed off the pitch! Sakana is bear food. 10-8 o the Hunters!

I am unable to score another goal before Greyscales is taken out again The Hunters ended up with 6 takeouts! This is the first time my Shark team has been totally gutted and stringed. 

Post Mortem

This is one matchup where I think it might have been a good idea to draft Veteran Siren instead of Siren. Having a very hard to kill player to block off Seenah could make things a lot worse for the Hunters here.

Playing new teams and models always gets a bit random. I learned how dangerous Seenah is, and I think that in this matchup a very important part is to delay him killing me so that I get time to score my three goals. Better knowledge of threat ranges is key, and deliberately placing models so that Seenah has to waste a turn running back after a kill might be a viable strategy.

My biggest single mistake this game was probably giving a critical takeback at the very beginning of the game, setting off a steamroll of Seenah eating my models. I probably should have said no! It's always a bit hard to know when to allow it, and when to not. Generally I think games are more interesting when there are fewer mistakes and gotcha moments, though... anyway it was my decision alone, and I did what I did.

I also need to play a bit faster! I was down a lot on the clock as well.
For the last match, I meet The Union!

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