onsdag 15. november 2017

Guild Ball (#35): ClogCon 2017 Tapper vs Corsair

Last game at ClogCon! I have heard that Corsair is a drag (ha) to play against, so I asked Matthias to show me what it's all about.


I have never used Veteran Spigot. Yes, I know it's a poor pick, but I wanted to see what the guy could do.

Veteran Spigot


Avarisse & Greede (Union)

I get Field Dressing, Knee Slider and Who are Ya? as Plot cards.

Fortunately Guild Ball is not crushed under the iron heel of WADA.

Corsair kicks and it's on.

Turn 1

Tapper: 3, Scum: 1, Hooper: 2, PintPot: 2, Veteran Spigot: 1, Stave: 3

Tapper gets pulled in by Corsair and handed off to the Avarisse and Greede and Jac death pit. Salt moves up to be "annoying". I send the Otter to the bench. 1-0 to the Brewers.

Turn 2

Tapper: 0, Scum: 3, Hooper: 3, PintPot: 2, Veteran Spigot: 1, Stave: 3

Corsair wins the initiative. Tapper gets taken out immediately. PintPot goes in, but is taken out. 4-1 to the Fishermen.

Turn 3

I take out Sakana, and Hooper is taken out in return.

Spigot runs through the forest, kicks, scores, and Knee Sliders back to safety.

7-6 to the Brewers!

Turn 4

Tapper gets back in the mix. I take out Hag and Jac.

Turn 5

I win the initiative, and need just a single point to win. Tapper activates and punches Salt, taking him out with the last hit.

Poor little otter, he has fallen off his base!

Brewers win 12-6. I eked out a win in the end, but this felt decidedly uphill.

Post Mortem

I asked around on Facebook for advice.

Mainly the advice seems to be to block drags with high defense models (like Scum or Friday, possibly with Esters), or with models that ignore a Character Play (Esters and PintPot).

Tough hide models takes time to take out, and running everyone at Corsair is an option, to avoid have one model taken out with no retaliation.

Stave can break up the death pit.

Avarisse is pretty slow, so trying to move the melee out of his range is also an option.

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