mandag 20. november 2017

Guild Ball (#36): Shark vs Honour

Stopped by Outland for a couple of games. First game is versus the Masons, piloted by Manuel!

I forgot to print out my game note sheets this time, so I have a bit less info.


Trying out my newly painted miniatures!




I get to kick. The Masons deploy super skewed so I try a pretty aggressive kick to the left, unfortunately none of the scatters are good, so he can get the ball.

Turn 1

Shark: 6, Tentacles: 0, Greyscales: 2, Jac: 1, Hag: 1, Siren: 3

I wait with Siren and Shark for the two last activations, which makes the Masons pretty paranoid. The ball is kept far back on Flint.

Siren first pulls in the wrecking ball, I did not check the card and all Siren's attacks do nothing. 3 dice against 3 armor is pretty pointless.

Being far back does not stop a 6 influence Shark from doing Shark things, so he charges and pingpongs off Brick, dodges straight through everyone, gets a bunch of momentum and snatches the ball from Pretty Boy. Yeah, I had watched the SteamCon streams this weekend and got pretty good instruction on how this works!

Turn 2

Shark: 6, Tentacles: 1, Greyscales: 3, Siren: 3

The plan here is to score first with Shark, and see if I can get the ball of the Masons again with Siren or Greyscales. The one on Tentacles is for blinding a choice target in the second activation.

Go go Sharky boy!

I make a mistake here by not walking Shark into safety before scoring, I forgot that the activation ends. 4-0 to the Fishermen!

Tentacles moves up and blinds a very, very sad Honour.

Turn 3

I am unable to get he ball back, though, Flint gets through and scores. 4-4!

Siren is taken out. The ball is passed up the pitch on the left side, Jac scores. 8-6 to the Fishermen!

Turn 4

The ball ends up with Brick...

Shark grabs the ball off Brick and scores the last and final goal!

Final result: 12-4 to the Fishermen.

Post Mortem

I think the Mason deployment was poor, I could have really punished it with a more lucky scatter.

It was a very dynamic game, there was a lot of Flint grabbing the ball back nested inside this, unfortunately my notes were lacking so I can't do exact play-by-play, sorry about that.

Having Siren there was excellent, she is such a great threat for getting the ball off the Masons.

I think that with both of us going for football I have an edge here. The Fishermen are quite simply better at grabbing and scoring than this Masons list. Possible he should have focused on getting a couple of takeouts, because it is very hard for him to win on scoring after I land the first goal. Still, it was a hard fought game!

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