mandag 13. november 2017

Guild Ball (#29): ClogCon 2017 Match 1: Tapper vs Ox

My first match is against Brian Flynn playing Butchers. I have never played against Butchers before, but I have watched a game once, so I already had some idea about how hard they could hit...


When I saw him pick Boar, I picked PintPot. PintPot is great against high efficiency models like Boar and Rage. If he gets into melee then Boar cannot charge, and a momentous Concussion stops Boar from attacking and then berserking.

I picked Stave last. I thought that with Boar and Ox in the other team, it would be possible that I could control Ox for a few turns. 

My main strategy would be to bounce Ox away with Stave, and have PintPot neuter Boar, while I hoped to get some takeouts and goals. My main takeout targets would be Meathook and Shank, who are not very solid. His strategy was probably 6 takeouts, all the picks were damage dealers.


Hooper (Captain)
Scum (Mascot)


Ox (Captain)
Truffles (Mascot)
Rage (Union)

I kick with Tapper, I want him to be able to engage.

Round 1 

Tapper: 3, Scum: 1, Friday: 3, PintPot: 1, Spigot: 1, Stave: 3

Rage was sent flying by a well timed Barrel. I was able to get into Meathook with Tapper, taking half her health and leaving her at 7. A missed pass made Rage and Shank end up in the rear. I am pretty happy with the first turn.

Round 2

Tapper: 5, Scum: 1, Friday: 2, PintPot: 1, Spigot: 1, Stave: 2
Ox: 5, Truffles: 1, Boar: 1, Meathook: 0, Rage: 1, Shank: 3

I activate Tapper and take out Meathook. Tapper then charges into Shank, taking him down to 8. The Butchers start hitting back. I use Stave to send Ox flying again, into the rough ground.

PintPot runs up and uses Smashing Face to apply Bleed and deal 2 damage to Boar. Then he gives him a Concussion, removing his single influence. Boar goes down to 15 health at the end of the turn.

Round 3

Tapper: 6, Scum: 1, Friday: 2, PintPot: 0, Spigot: 2, Stave: 0
Ox: 5, Truffles: 1, Boar: 1, Meathook: 0, Rage: 1, Shank: 3

PintPot repeats last round and Boar goes down to 10 health. Shank is taken out. Ox uses The Owner. Tapper is now at 7 health. The Butchers win the initiative.

Round 4 

Tapper: 1, Scum: 1, Friday: 4, PintPot: 2, Spigot: 4, Stave: 0

4 attacks is enough for PintPot to take out poor Boar, who did 0 damage all game!

The Brewers finally get Ox in properly and Brewers start falling. Scum, Spigot and Tapper are taken out. Ox is left at a single health.

Friday snatches the ball and taps it in! 10-5 to the Brewers.

Round 5

I gave Friday 4 influence and she throws a knife into Ox' throat. 12-5 to the Brewers!

Post Mortem

This went well. The Butchers hit really, really hard, but keeping Boar concussed and Ox down on his ass allowed me to get ahead early. 1-0, an auspicious start to the tournament!

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