tirsdag 28. november 2017

Guild Ball (#42): Corsair vs Grange - Demo Game

Stopped by my gaming buddy Leif for a little bit of Guild Ball action. He has just tried one demo game before. He took the Farmer's "The Honest Land" starter, and I took a Corsair list. Just for fun this one, learning some interactions and trying out models. :D

The pitch has been adorned with seasonal obstructions!

Windle dodges, dodges, dodges... and then suddenly gets pulled into the death pit and blinded. The Farmers do some clever ball kicking to get Grange forward, and Corsair also takes a few hits!

Jackstraw teleports straight down the center and scores! Grange with Constitution requires all the Fishermen activations to take out. Tough dude!

Our friendly little game ends at 4-4!

...and good night!

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