tirsdag 14. november 2017

Guild Ball (#34): ClogCon 2017 Veteran Rage vs Tapper - Missing Mist

Last day of BonesCon. Sandra and I play Union versus Brewers!

The Union

I have 6 painted Union models. These models are those models.

Veteran Rage
Harry "The Hat"



Tapper kicks and off we go.

Turn 1

Veteran Rage: 1, Strongbox: 1, Benediction: 1, Harry "The Hat": 3, Hemlocke: 3, Mist: 3

I grab the ball and it ends up on a flanking Mist. Benediction gets poisoned.

Turn 2

Veteran Rage: 4, Strongbox: 1, Benediction: 2, Harry "The Hat": 1, Hemlocke: 0, Mist: 4

The plan is to build a momentum with Mist and score, and then see if I can get a quick kill with Rage.

Mist fails totally. I am surprised, when I see Stig's Mist she tends to land it pretty much all the time. Surely it is just a fluke.

Tapper overextends. I move Benediction in, Veteran Rage uses "My Gang", and Rage sends Tapper to the bench.

Turn 3

With Tapper out I think beating up more Brewers sounds just dandy.

Veteran Rage: 4, Strongbox: 0, Benediction: 1, Harry "The Hat": 4, Hemlocke: 0, Mist: 3

Spigot is taken out by Rage. Mist again fails to score.

Turn 4

The Brewers get the ball and it is kicked up the field! Friday kicks at the goal and scores! 4-4.

Friday is taken out in retaliation. The clock runs out. A handful of activations later the Union wins on the clock.

Post Mortem

WTF Mist? Really? I am so painting the limited edition Mist up and putting this freak on the shelf.

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