fredag 17. november 2017

Guild Ball: The Fishermen's Guild is fully painted!

I got the Fishermen's Guild done! I went for a fairly uniform palette with this guild. The blue color is the lovely P3 Arcane Blue, and I also repeated P3 Sunburst Yellow on most of the models.

Tentacles was fun to paint. I painted the whole model in a bright purple, then blended it more bluish on the head, and more pinkish towards the tentacle tips.

I did some simple freehand. I gave Jac a yellow and green checkerboard pattern on his pants. How to do it? Draw in the checkerboard just as thin lines, then fill in the pattern.

Veteran Siren got pink and white vertical bands on her tights. Shopping at the goth store, no doubt!

Hag's sickly skin and hair was done by painting GW green shade over the normal base colors.

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