torsdag 12. desember 2019

Haxity | Official Reveal Trailer 2019 | (PC)

This is what I've been working on for the last couple of years!

Haxity is a roguelite PvP deckbuilder where you fight, hack and bluff your way through the city, either solo, against a friend, or online.

If you wishlist and follow us on Steam, it would make me very happy!



onsdag 24. april 2019

Guild Ball: Navigator's Guild painted

I painted my Navigators over Easter. I chose to paint them all as an African guild ball team, complete with clothes inspired by various African clothing. I usually don't do a lot of freehand, so it was fun with a new challenge. The non-freehand parts I kept fairly plain, to increase the contrast.

Skin color

Haven't really painted much black skin before, so I tried this.

Basecoat: P3 Umbral Umber
Shade: GW Nuln Oil wash
Highlight: P3 Umbral Umber + P3 Jack Bone

Navigators Guild

Fathom got a geometrical pattern in Pan-African colors. She was the first of the Navigators miniatures I painted, and inspired me to do the rest to match!



Ebb got a Kente inspired pattern on his trousers. Inspired by an image I found here.



Nkyimkyim - Zigzag, Life is not a straight path

Azimuth has a Mali mudcloth inspired pattern on his armor. Trousers are plain green for contrast.



Pattern I used for inspiration here:

I wanted to do a Dashiki shirt for Windfinder, but it had so much structure that I could not find a way to do it. I decided to use that pattern as an inspiration for her pants, and left the shirt white with some gold trim.



Horizon got a Kente inspired shirt. There are so many amazing Kente patterns.




Albatross wings are dark on top and white beneath, for camouflage. You learn something new every day!