mandag 13. november 2017

Guild Ball (#30): ClogCon 2017 Match 2: Brewers vs Alchemists

For the next match I get Martin, a very friendly guy who is also the tournament organizer. I had played a game against him yesterday, so I knew this was going to be rough - he was obviously a lot more experienced than me. Fortunately I had a couple of practice game against Smoke, so at least I had some idea about what Smoke can do.

The draft gave a fairly different list, though, clearly more punchy than Stig's standoff tech.


Tapper (Captain)
Scum (Mascot)
Hemlocke (Union)


Smoke (Captain)
Flask (Mascot)
Decimate (Union)

Round 1

Tapper: 2, Scum: 1, Mash: 2, Spigot: 2, Stoker: 4, Hemlocke: 2

I screwed up terribly by moving Tapper in early on a charge. I had figured out that the key here is to get Tapper in a position so he threatens at least two players on the next turn, without over-extending. I forget that you can ignore rough ground by paying 1 momentum, this allows Decimate to reach me, building a lot of momentum and bringing Tapper down to 9 health.

Mist moves last, so that she can copy and move templates without me being able to react.

Round 2

Alchemists win the initiative. Tapper is obviously dead so I allocate nothing to him.

Tapper: 0, Scum: 3, Mash: 0, Spigot: 3, Stoker: 4, Hemlocke: 3

Tapper gets taken out in the first activation. I have probably lost, but it's not over until it is over, maybe there is a way to salvage the situation.

Round 3

There isn't, at least I cannot find it. Scum, Stoker and Hemlocke all go down. 7-0 to the Alchemists.

Round 4

I take out Mercury and Smoke, going to 7-3.

Round 5

Scum, Spigot and Tapper are taken out. 12-3 to the Alchemists!

Post Mortem

Losing Tapper like that was just stupid. Lesson: Don't do stupid things again and again. Also, remember to heal my models, I had little chance of winning initiative so I should have spent it all on healing.

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  1. Think we need to talk more about how much the union choice matters for Alchemists and how it changes their game. Decimate and Katalyst creates a very different game than Harry/Katalyst as I'm sure you noticed :p

    Another point is to allocate to force activations, I often see a model that is allocated nothing as a player I don't need to even consider, Tapper on nothing can be ignored. Tapper on even 2 means you need to activate models to take him out now. Wait and you'll have two people on their bums and costing the opponent at least a momentum to stand them up. In the case of Katalyst it also means removing his fire state as that comes online at the end and start of the turn, not during the turn at any point. The only way to rekindle him is then Mercury for 2 inf as the other option, Harry, isn't on the table.

    Tapper also have though hide, so he'd more than likely survive one models activation as well unless he's been overcomitted alone to the scrum being ganged-up on by half the guild. If that's the case we also need to talk :p

    Anyhow, good game and it'll be fun to see the dirty tricks you bring back! Congrats on your 3rd place!


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