søndag 26. november 2017

Guild Ball (#39): Oslo November Cup - Shark vs Skatha (2/4)

My first every game against the Hunters. I have been reading the cards, but it is not easy to figure out how they play without seeing them in action, so I don't really know what to expect! Gaspard is piloting the Hunters.


Andreas had grabbed the mascot spot prize, so Tentacles is swapped in.

Shark (Captain)
Tentacles (Mascot)


Veteran Hearne

I get Field Dressing, Who are Ya? and Wingback. Seems like a pretty nice set with Shark!

I win the roll, and Jaecar kicks off.

Round 1

Shark: 6, Tentacles: 1, Greyscales: 2, Hag: 0, Sakana: 1, Siren: 3

I forgot to take some pictures, but basically Shark does what he should do, and scores the goal.

Turn 2

There is some fighting back and forth, no-one scores and there are no takeouts. Shark builds a ton of momentum with his activation. I grab the ball and it ends up with Greyscales. I win the initiative.

Turn 3

Shark: 6, Tentacles: 1, Greyscales: 4, Hag: 0, Sakana: 3, Siren: 0

Greyscales is in a great position here. He activates first, bounces off Jaecar and lands the goal.

The ball is kicked up to Egret, who scores for the Hunters!

My goal kick then goes up to Shark, who charges up, bounces off Veteran Hearne, and lands the final goal. 12-4 to the Fishermen!

Post Mortem

The Hunters have lots of tricks, but they were unable to stop me from getting the ball. Quite interesting and unusual guild, for sure!

I forgot to use my Plot Cards. They are so hard to remember...

2-0 now in the tournament. For the next match I will fetch top ranked Norwegian player Andreas, also playing Hunters!

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