mandag 13. november 2017

Guild Ball (#25): Tapper vs Furnace

Alexander had gotten his first Blacksmith box and was itching for a fight.




Furnace (Captain)
Anvi (Master)
Ferrite (Master)
Cinder (Apprentice)
Iron (Apprentice)
Sledge (Apprentice)

I chose Composure, Man Marking and Sic'Em for my plot cards. Sledge kicked an off we go.

Turn 1

Tapper: 2, Scum: 2, Friday: 4, Hooper: 2, Mash: 1, Spigot: 2
Furnace: 3, Anvil: 2, Cinder: 2, Ferrite: 2, Iron: 1, Sledge: 2

Sledge gets a charge off on Friday, dealing 8 damage! Those apprentices sure pack a punch when they reach the end of the Playbook... I get to heal her 4 with Come On Mate, so she ends the turn at 8.

Turn 2

I am up 2-0 on momentum and win the initiative. I choose to go first, obviously with Tapper.

Tapper: 5, Scum: 1, Friday: 2, Hooper: 3, Mash: 1, Spigot: 1
Furnace: 5, Anvil: 2, Cinder: 2, Ferrite: 2, Iron: 0, Sledge: 1

Both Sledge and Iron are taken out by the Brewers. Friday then gets the ball from Scum, who dodges forward and is able to tap in a goal. Friday gets the Vengeance marker...

Turn 3

Tapper: 6, Scum: 1, Friday: 1, Hooper: 2, Mash: 3, Spigot: 1
Furnace: 5, Anvil: 2, Cinder: 0, Ferrite: 2, Iron: 1, Sledge: 2

I am able to get the ball off Cinder by knocking her down, and it bounces right into Mash' lap.

 Mash then darts forward and taps the ball in.

12-0 to the Brewers! This was Alexander's first game with the Blacksmiths. He failed to get some of the armor buff auras in place, which made it a easier for me to take them out. The Blacksmiths are pretty tanky. Getting things set up for the apprentices to get their momentous 7 damage results is probably an important part of their game plan!

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