mandag 27. november 2017

Guild Ball: Oslo November Cup - Results

The end! The results were:

#1: Andreas Fosheim Øwre (Hunters)
#2: Christian Tellefsen (Fishermen)
#3: Manuel Ramirez (Masons)

Full results on Longshanks.

Gaute got most sporting. I am unsure who got best painted, maybe Stig can fill me in. There were also some anvilballs given away at random.

We had a great time! Looking forward to the next tournament. Stig says there won't be one in December, but we don't believe him.

I am of course quite happy with taking second place! Now I need to play a lot of games with Corsair, so that I am ready for the next tournament.

Another thing I like about the Guild Ball tournaments I have been to is that most players play all the rounds. If there is one thing I *hate* about Warmachine tournaments, it is that so many players tend to drop after a loss or two and join small 8 tournaments instead. This prevents newer players from getting the more balanced matches in the later tournament rounds. Also, it stops you from seeing an improvement from being last, to below average, to beating the average, and so on. In Warmachine it seems that you are either 1st-3rd, or you leave.

Getting 16th place in a 128 man tournament, for example, is every bit as good a result as getting 1st in an 8 man tournament!

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