mandag 13. november 2017

Guild Ball (#26-27): ClogCon Shark vs Tapper Demo Games

I have arrived at Amsterdam! No Guild Ball tournaments happening today, but I got a chance to play a few demon games. I gave away my beloved Brewers, and got to try my newly painted Fishermen!

Demo Games

I get to do a demo game against organizer Sankha, who I had met at WARMACHINE Norwegian Masters all the way back in 2017! He has also brought his charming wife and cute infant son to the convention. Good that he got a game in between all the organizing, judging and diapers! What a guy!

He took out both Salt and Angel as well as scoring with Friday. Shark and Greyscales bounced around the board and scored three goals together, so we ended with 12-7 to the sushi. First time playing with Fishermen, this is awesome fun!

Then I gave a demo game to Xavi from Spain, who clearly was in the right mood for some brawling!

Here we go!

He got a goal in with the old man Tapper, and he also beat up Shark. 

The little Otter who could also scored.

Greyscales and Angel got a goal in each, so it was a 12-6 to the Fishermen. Much fun was had!

There was also a lot of WARMACHINE going on this Friday - 6 rounds of Masters!

Warmahordes! Warmahordes everywhere!

Clubmates Jarle and Toro are on stream

Last game of the day is a match against Engineers.

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