søndag 6. november 2016

Spawn of Everblight #1: Lylyth1 vs Stryker1

My son got to visit our wargaming club for the first time! He was so excited yesterday that he was bouncing around in the living room. Today we packed his miniatures and the paint, and off we went.

Lylyth, Herald of Everblight (5 points)

* Carnivean
* 4x Shredder

Commander Coleman Stryker (0 points)

Commander Coleman Stryker
* Charger
* Firefly
* Ironclad

First things first. The correct front arcs were painted on all his models.

Turn 1

Lylyth moves up and grabs the zone. Offense is the best defense!

Charger gets Snipe and shreds a Shredder. Ironclad get Arcane Shield, moves up and contests the zone. Look at those little puny Shredders, what could they possibly do to an Ironclad?

Turn 2

Lylyth moves into the forest to get Stealth. She shoots the Ironclad and applies Parasite, and then shoots it again and applies Blood Lure. Carnivean assaults and blasts the Ironclad. The Shredder that is out of range runs in, and the rest of them charge for free with flank. The Ironclad has his cortex blown out his ear, and left hand crippled. Little blighted buggers, they hit hard!

Ironclad swings and kills off a Shredder with his good arm.

Turn 3

One Shredder frenzies but does not kill off his pack mate. Lylyth feats and tags the Charger with Parasite and Blood Lure, and after another assault spray and charge attack both the Ironclad and Charger die.


Stryker really has only one option. He spends his stack hacking the Carnivean to bits before it can eat him alive.

Turn 4

Lylyth aims and hits Stryker with the Parasite. The Shredders move in and munch on Stryker.

And so it ends. Poor Stryker!

Legion wins on assassination!

Post Mortem

Everyone agreed that we had had an excellent time playing WARMACHINE! My son was ready for another round.

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