onsdag 2. november 2016

Battle Report #18: Caine2 vs Ossyan

I was under orders from Jarle to try this matchup, and Nima was kind enough to play the list even if it is not one of his regular lists. Infantrymachine, it is still a thing!

Read the report from the other side of the table!
Nima has blogged about this match on his Retribution of Scyrah blog.

Captain Allister Caine (75 points)

Captain Allister Caine
* Reinholdt
* Centurion
* Hunter
Journeyman Warcaster
* Firefly
Gun Mage Captain Adept
5 Storm Lances
10 Trencher Infantry

Lord Arcanist Ossyan (75 points)

Lord Arcanist Ossyan
* Discordia
* Imperatus
Arcanist Mechanik
2x10 Mage Hunter Strike Force + CA
2x4 Stormfall Archers

Taking a picture for my blog of Nima taking a picture for his blog. Metapicture!


The scenario seems dead with these two lists, no-one dares to be far enough up to cap anything.

I think his main problems are:
* Ossyan cannot go up and feat without dying to Caine the next turn.
* All my infantry is invisible or really hard to hit
* The Mage Hunters have a hard time killing my Centurion.

I will just try to draw the game out, unless I get that sweet 51% assassination chance.

Nima won the roll off and went first. He deployed centrally, and I put the Storm Lances on one flank.

Turn 1

Nima moves up, keeping out of my threat ranges. Quicken goes on left flank Mage Hunters.

Arcane Shield on Lances, Bullet Dodger on Caine, Heightened Reflexes on Trenchers. I move up and Trenchers dig in. I forget to move my Hunter.

Action shot!

Turn 2

Left flank Mage Hunters minifeat and kill the Hunter, and a lucky double 6 kills a Storm Lance. Nima makes a fatal mistake and takes a shot at Caine with one of his last activations. The shot misses and Caine dodges forward 2", and is now 18.5" away from Ossyan, who is camping nothing. Lanyssa tries to cover up the opening.

I need to open a line for a Ranger to run up. I activate Lances and kill 6 Mage Hunters. Then I make a mistake when moving the Trenchers, triggering Admonition. Imperatus walks to the position Caine wanted to be in. But, I realize I can run in two Trenchers and block line of sight from Imperatus so that Caine2 still gets a spot to stand in unengaged.

Fortunately for me Nima had one Mage Hunter within 10" of Caine. Caine feats, charges the Mage Hunter, killing it. He then starts buying attacks on Ossyan. Ossyan goes down easily with 4 rounds left in the chamber.

Kill shot!

Cygnar wins by assassination!

Post Mortem

Bad mistake by Nima there to give me the kill. Even so, I think he was in lots of trouble. My original plan for turn two was to simply move Caine up, shoot away all the left flank Mage Hunters, while the Storm Lances cleared out the right flank. I don't need the feat to threaten Ossyan so next turn I could have murdered a heavy or two.

After playing this game I think this matchup is heavily in Caine2's favor. Ossyan has no feat and the Mage Hunters are weak against all my core models.

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