fredag 25. november 2016

Battle Report #37: Caine2 vs Issyria

I had time for another quick fight and Nima wanted to try out his Issyria list. Normally I would drop Haley2 into this, but I need more Caine2 practice.

Edit: Nima has written about this fight on the blog, declaring it a victory for him even if he had lost 3 times on takebacks! The gall! The lies! The pointy, pointy ears! Never trust an elf, that's what I say. :D

Captain Allister Caine (75 points)

Captain Allister Caine
* Reinholdt
* Centurion
* Hunter
Journeyman Warcaster
* Firefly
Gun Mage Captain Adept
Rhupert Carvolo
6 Rangers
5 Storm Lances
10 Trencher Infantry

Issyria, Sybil of Dawn (75 points)

Issyria, Sybil of Dawn
* Chimera
* Hyperion
* Discordia
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (Eiryss2)
2x Archanist Mechanik
Nyss Hunters
* Soulless Escort
2x2 Heavy Rifle Team


This is interesting. Issyria's spell countering is useless against Caine2, but she can armor skew a lot which Caine2 doesn't like. On the other hand Issyria dies to a stiff breeze so perfect positioning is needed to avoid the Trick Shot assassination. It's going to be hard to me got get Ragman into position since he can feat to see through my clouds, and anyway Hyperion scatters can kill any of my solos.

Nima wins the die roll and elects to go first. I elect to get the trench.

His infantry goes on the right, and I counterdeploy the Lances to chew them up. Usually I want Lances to harass the distant zone, but they will just murder Nyss. The solosplace near that sweet, sweet trench.

Turn 1

Hyperion gets Inviolable Resolve and skews towards the left objective. The Chimera gets Admonition. Eiryss runs behind the objective.

Issyria is standing within 4" of Discordia and camping only 2, and Discordia is within 19" of Caine2. So that is ~36 Trick Shot damage on poor Issyria.

Cygnar wins by assassination!

We minifeat Issyria back and continue the game.

Cygnar tech time. I run two Rangers near Eiryss. Caine casts Bullet Dodger and Heightened Reflexes. He shoots his own Rangers in the back and after two Trick Shots Eiryss dies.

Lances get Arcane Shield and run up. One goes within 4" of a Nyss and I bounce a Firefly shot off it. A Nyss is electrocuted.

The Hunter shoots a weapon team member.

God, I love playing Cygnar.

Most of my lovely solos jump into the Trench and hope for the best. I did a misplay here, I should have had 2 Trenchers make smoke in front of the Trench to force a feat if he wants to go for murdering my solos, or for a long shot assassination run on Caine with the Starburst.

Turn 2

Hyperion toes into the zone. There are some shots, but only minimal damage, I lose a Storm Lance, two Rangers and a Trencher. Nima looks frustrated.

I start killing stuff. All but one Nyss dies. Caine gate crashes into the zone and camps 2.

Turn 3

Nima sees he is losing both the attrition and scenario game, and ponders the throw assassination.

When Nima smiles and goes all quiet, you know it's assassination time.

He plays out a bit of his turn but doesn't get it done. We reset. He does it another way but that doesn't work either. We reset. In the end we figure out that throwing the Chimera with the Hyperion, clearing out the Lance jamming the last Nyss, a Discordia spray, and then Nyss hunters charge, is the way to land it.

I still cannot wait for the throw rules to get fixed!

Post Mortem

Quite an interesting matchup. I would think that Issyria should be up here, that ARM23 against shooting Hyperion should be really tough to crack with my list. On the other hand, her extreme brittleness means she is always in danger of dying to the tiniest mistake.

Again, I need to look for the throw angles here. The whole thing is just so stupid. Hyperion's laser guided throw threat is like 8.5" + 5" + 2" + a base, and it simply cannot miss.

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  1. Interesting game, I like that you and your opponent play things out after the fact. The guys I play with like to do that too. Its a great way of seeing possibilities

    1. Yeah, it's a lot more efficient than resetting all the time. Especially in situations like this, where a mistake is just instant game over.

  2. What do you mean by laser throws? That confuses me, looks like a good game otherwise

    1. If you throw, but not at a target, the model will land at the max throw distance straight ahead, with no deviation. It is a ridiculously broken rule, in my opinion the worst thing in Mk3.

      Since it cannot miss, it's a laser guided throw. :D


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