mandag 21. november 2016

Battle Report #33: Caine2 vs Thexus

First time ever I meet the Cephalyx. The infantry swarm is real! I count 57 models on the opposing side. Infinite Reload vs infinite Drudges! Who will lose on the clock? :D

Captain Allister Caine (75 points)

Captain Allister Caine
* Reinholdt
* Centurion
* Hunter
Journeyman Warcaster
* Firefly
Gun Mage Captain Adept
Rhupert Carvolo
6 Rangers
5 Storm Lances
10 Trencher Infantry

Exulon Thexus (75 points)

Exulon Thexus
* 3x Wrecker
Cephalyx Agitator
Cephalyx Dominator
* 2 Kayazy Eliminators
2x10 Cephalyx Mind Bender
6 Cephalyx Mind Bender
2x10 Cephalyx Mind Slaver
3 Cephalyx Overlords


My plan is to clear the right zone and use the forest on the right to delay and scoring on his part. Oh yeah, and shoot a ridiculous amount of Drudges.

My opponent covers the table from edge to edge with Drudges.

My opponent, Amund the Cephalyx, is full of evil confidence.

The brains behind the brains behind the Drudges.

Turn 1

I run up. Caine2 gets Bullet Dodger and the Trenchers get Heightened Reflexes. I forgot to leave a hole for Caine to charge through so I lose 3" movement on him, which is bad. I want as much space as I can!

Cephalyx flood the board. Thexus covers behind the building in the middle.

Turn 2

I start removing a lot of stuff. My opponent has been good with his Cephalyx placement so I mostly get rid of Drudges.

I had placed some Lances too close to the edge and lose almost all of them. That was bad. My Hunter gets crippled. I have lost too many models, but I think I have a scenario play.

Turn 3

I feat away a Wrecker and clear the right zone. The Centurion steps in so that it can hopefully hold the zone for some time. Well, I guess Telekinesis would have solved it, next time I should place it in the Trench.


Unfortunately I end up too close to Thexus. Caine2 gets hit with a Telekinesis and Hex Blast. All the sprays and melee attacks just barely manage to kill me.

Post Mortem

Again I make the mistake of not having Dirge on Caine, which would have saved him from the Telekinesis. My play was clearly too aggressive, and I got punished for it.

I had a discussion afterwards. I should have skewed more left, leaving the right flank Cephalyx to do nothing. Caine at DEF23 in the trench would have been almost impossible to get with Telekinesis.

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