mandag 14. november 2016

Battle Report #27: Haley2 vs Lucant

Lars has updated his Locant list and put in a bunch of Conservators and the TPE.

Major Victoria Haley

* Squire
* Stormwall
* Ironclad
* Thorn
Journeyman Warcaster
* Firefly
3 Storm Lances

Father Lucant, The Divinity Architect

* 4x Conservator
* Corrolary
* Inverter
Transfinite Emergence Projector
3x3 Clockwork Angels

First time I face the TPE. It looks really scary!


I win the roll and elect to go first. We discuss this choice afterwards and agree that against such slow armies it's probably best for me to go second and score first, since Lucant won't be able to claim that much board space anyway.

Turn 1

I move up the Stormwall to contest the zone and possibly his flag later. Haley moves to cap my flag.

Lucant moves up carefully. Angels on the right flank CRA a Storm Lance but do not kill it.

Turn 2

Since Lucant is so far back, and I can advance into the zone, I decide to hold my feat and shoot a bit with my Stormwall. One Storm Lance zaps away to angels on the right hand side.

Lucant runs up and feats. An Angel contests my flag, so no-one scores. I have placed Lanyssa to far forward and an Angel flies up and shoot her in the back, killing her.

Turn 3

My plan now is to feat, kill two jacks with the Ironclad and Stormwall, and repeat the next turn. I only manage to kill one of them. I use Thorn to kill off an Angel.

I had placed my minis too close to each other so I got order of activation problems. I had to TK the Ironclad for Ragman to be able to move up. I should rather have cast TK on the TPE so that it could not shoot at me the next turn. I wasn't aware that Telekinesis could affect Battle Engines, but turns out that it can.


Lucant casts Positive Charge, and kills the Ironclad. The angels do some damage to the Firefly.


Turn 4

The Stormwall pods two angels to avoid giving the Vengeance buff. I kill more jacks. Thorn moves up to zap a jack but I forget about Watcher (again!) and he gets knocked down by the Inverter. Stupid mistake!


Thorn and the Lances get killed in retaliation. The Stormwall is left at 11 boxes.

Turn 5

Only one jack left in the zone, and I need two points to win.

Haley moves up and casts Telekinesis to turn the jack around. The Stormclad smashes it to bits.


Cygnar wins on Scenario!

Post Mortem

I made some mistakes, forgetting Reposition on the Lances and not leaving enough space for my models to move at angles. Convergence could possibly have done a better job of denying me scenario by saving some Angles for later.

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