tirsdag 8. november 2016

Battle Report #24: Haley2 vs Harkevich (match #1)

Dojo day! I haven't played against Khador since Mk2. Trond's pairing was Harkevich, and Vlad1 with all the rocketeers. I also had Caine2. Trond wanted to try out Harkevich first, and off we went.

Major Victoria Haley (75 points)

Major Victoria Haley
* Squire
* Stormwall
* Ironclad
* Thorn
Journeyman Warcaster
* Firefly
3 Storm Lances

Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf (75 points)

Pure melee Harkevich list, which I think favors Haley2. If I can just keep Ruin off my Stormwall he is going to have a real problem taking it down.

Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf
* 2x Juggernaut 
* 3x Kodiak
* Rager
* Ruin
Gobber Tinker
Ogrun Bokur


I win the die roll. I place Haley to start scoring on the flag, the Stormwall to contest his flag, and the rest in the middle. Lanyssa is placed furthest to the right to possibly steal points.

Turn 1

Temporal on Stormwall + Telekinesis on Ironclad and Firefly, and run up.

Trond clouds up with the Kodiaks and steps back.

Turn 2

I move up to the flag and feat. Telekinesis 4 times on the leftmost Kodiak. Orin cancels the first three. I shoot the rightmost Kodiak a little. Lances charge in and deal some damage.

Not the best play on my part. The Stormwall could have gone in with Temporal and removed a Kodiak, which would have been better.

That sad, sad post Haley feat turn. He moves up to jam me but cannot get much done.


Turn 3

Harkevich is too far up. I cast Telekinesis to move the blocking Juggernaut away, and Temporal Acceleration on the Ironclad. Harkevich is now not base to base with anything, another small mistake.

Ragman casts Death Field. The Ironclad moves in and crit knockdowns Harkevich, punching him 6 times on the noggin. The Stormwall moves up and seals the deal with a cannon shot.

Post Mortem

Trond has not played Haley2 for ages. We decide to reset and play the match again.

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