onsdag 21. februar 2018

Bonescon 2018: Friday Regional Cup

The Friday tournament consisted of 25 player, with Fishermen being the most popular (5 players). I know the Brits happen to be pretty good at this game, and the Norwegian scene is mostly pretty new, so I was expecting heavy resistance. I had also been caught up playing mostly Through the Ages the last couple of months, instead of getting in my reps.

I was hoping for maybe going even, playing some of the high ranked players, and pick up some clever tactics!

There were several players from Switzerland, and me as the lone Norwegian.

My lineup was:

Veteran Siren
Avarisse & Greede

Match 1: Shark vs Theron
Match 2: Corsair vs Hammer
Match 3: Shark vs Midas
Match 4: Corsair vs Corsair
Match 5: Shark vs Obulus

Tournament results on Longshanks

Early in the morning, this place is going to be full soon!

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