mandag 26. februar 2018

Gaslands: The Beginning

Day 1

Today we went to the store and got hold of a Dodge Ram (for my son) and a Ford Fairlane (for me, keeping it classy). Plastic board and tubing has been purchased. Tomorrow we will start adding on the guns and armor plating, and get these little guys ready for the post-apocalypse!

I am looking forward to this, I haven't really done any real hobby projects since picking up miniatures again, just spent all the time painting and playing. Gaslands seems pretty much the perfect game to focus on the hobby side of miniature gaming, I hope my son will enjoy it as well!

Day 2

Two hours of cutting and gluing!

Cars outfitted with guns, spikes, and armor plating! My son cut out little foam figures as well, to man the turret on his Dodge Ram and wave guns out the windows.

Ready for mayhem! Check out that ramming spike.

And the wheel spikes!

I have to admit his is already cooler than mine. Next step will be priming the models!

Day 3

Placed an order with Atlas Miniatures for some sweet guns... :D

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