onsdag 21. februar 2018

Guild Ball (#48): BonesCon 2018 Match 2: Corsair vs Hammer

For the second match I get a match against Rich Green, currently ranked #47 in the world. Well, this is why I am here in England (well, except for the fun, the games, the socializing, the Fish'n'Chips, the excellent beer and cider) - to get my ass kicked by people who are way better than me at this game, and hopefully learn something in the process.

I have not played against Hammer, but I hear he is considered one of the better captains.


Avarisse & Greede



Round 1

I get to kick, and choose the side with no obstructions in the middle. Corsair moves up and lands a pretty good kick. Mallet has to move far up.

Corsair: 6, Tentacles: 1, Hag: 0, Sakana: 1, Siren: 3, Avarisse: 1, Greede: 1

Mallet is pullet in and beaten up. I manage to screw up my very last activation, and trigger a countercharge from both Marbles and Brick into Tentacles. Suddenly Corsair is crowded out twice and then Hammer runs in and starts hitting, dealing a ton of damage and taking him down to 7 health. This is really bad!

Round 2

Corsair: 0, Tentacles: 1, Hag: 0, Sakana: 4, Siren: 3, Avarisse: 3, Greede: 2

Hammer takes out Corsair. This of means my damage output is now much lower than his. Not looking good!

Round 3

Both Avarisse and Hag are taken out, Masons are up 8-2.

Round 4

Flint lands a goal. Masons beat me 2-12!

Phew, that was rough. The double counter charge but me in a horrible position, and it went quickly downhill from there. Hammer seems strong and flexible, I definitely need some more games into him. Rich played a very tight game, very friendly guy.

I am now 1-1 in the tournament. Next match, Midas!

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