onsdag 21. februar 2018

Guild Ball (#49): BonesCon 2018 Match 3: Shark vs Midas

For the next match I get a visiting Swedish player living in Switzerland, Hendrik. He takes Midas, and I take Shark, so this will for sure be a game with a lot of football!

His Longshanks info was chock full of typos and incorrect information, so let him now forever be known as Hemrik the Brit.


I switch out Tentacles for Salt, since I suspect this game will be all about the scoring. Salt is a great ball carrier!



Hemlocke (my own Hemlocke model, actually!)

Round 1

Midas kicks off.

Shark: 6, Salt: 2, Greyscales: 1, Hag: 1, Siren: 1, Sakana: 2

Compound makes a good job blocking me off, and the balls is also stolen off me by Midas and passed up to Vitriol, so I am unable to make my first turn goal. I rather build some momentum and get Shark into position.

Round 2

Shark: 6, Salt: 2, Greyscales: 2, Hag: 0, Siren: 3, Sakana: 2

The plan is to start with Shark, and then use Siren to try to retrieve the ball again later in the turn.

Shark scores. I then have a pretty funny play with Hag, using her legendary to trap Midas in between the shed, Hag and Sakana.

Siren grabs the ball with her wily charms, and gets into a good position for the next turn.

Round 3

Shark: 6, Salt: 0, Greyscales: 4, Hag: 0, Sakana: 1, Siren: 3

Siren moves up and scores, 8-0 to the Fishermen!

My Hag play from last turn actually worked. Hemdrik the Brit has some poor dice rolls and is unable to get Midas out to retrieve the ball and score.

Greyscales is then able to retrieve the ball and gets it up to Shark, who taps it in. A perfect 12-0!

Hemrik the Brit had some terrible dice rolls in there. I, however, am quite happy with how the match went. 2-1 in the tournament so far! Next match it's the Corsair mirror, hope it won't be a drag (ahem).

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