torsdag 22. februar 2018

Guild Ball (#50): BonesCon 2018 Match 4: Corsair vs Corsair

Fourth game I run into Aaron Wilson, current ranked #34 in the world. It's a Corsair mirror, fairly similar teams. I have Veteran Siren versus his Siren, and I have Avarisse and Greede versus his Gutter. My team is a bit punchier, but Aaron has more control abilities.

Nice Fishermen

My idea here is to use Tentacles and Veteran Siren to make it hard to damage my guys.

Veteran Siren
Avarisse & Greede

Nasty Fishermen


Round 1

There are quite a lot of obstacles so it's going to be interesting to see who gets those drags off.

It's mostly positioning in the first round. My Veteran Siren gets pulled out of position by Nasty Siren, and ends up knocked down.

Round 2

Veteran Siren gets beaten up. I then drag in Nasty Corsair and take him out. 2-2.

Round 3

Gutter kills off Nice Tentacles, and Siren gets the ball and scores. Aaron is ahead, 2-7. Nasty Hag hides behind a wall, and I am unable to get any good drags off.

Round 4

Nasty Corsair takes out Nice Hag, and Avarisse and Greed get a takeout, I think it was Corsair again. Siren grabs the ball and scores one more time. 13-4 to Aaron!

Aaron was way better at using the obstacles to deny me the good engagements. I thought I had a chance when I got his Corsair early. Veteran Siren was probably a mistake here, I should have taken normal Siren as well. It's quite important to have two models than can reposition the enemies.

2-2 so far, it's going well! Final match, it's a grave matter.

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