onsdag 21. februar 2018

Guild Ball (#47): BonesCon 2018 Match 1: Shark vs Theron

Tournament time! The first game of the day is Shark vs Theron, piloted by Graham. Super nice guy, we had a very good time!


Shark (Captain)
Tentacles (Mascot)



Round 1

Shark: 6, Tentacles: 2, Greyscales: 2, Hag: 0, Sakana: 2, Siren: 1

Egret's kick is a miskick so I get to place the ball on Greyscales.

Shark is pretty hard to block off, so he bounces off Hearne and lands the first goal. 4-0 to the Fishermen! Ulfr is the last to activate so he grabs the ball and moves up.

Round 2

Shark: 6, Tentacles: 1, Greyscales: 4, Hag: 1 Sakana: 3, Siren: 1

I intend to either peel the ball of Ulfr, or let him score and then pass it up to Shark.

Ulfr first measures up to Greyscales, but I remind him about the unpredictable. So he bounces off Tentacles instead and scores. 4-4. Theron beats up Siren and it's 4-6 to the Hunters. The ball is passed up to Sakana and he scores, 8-6 to the Fishermen. Egret takes out Hag. The ball is kicked down the field and ends up with Fahad.

Round 3

Shark: 6, Tentacles: 1, Greyscales: 4, Hag: 0, Sakana: 4, Siren: 0

I just need that last goal. Siren and Hag deploys into melee with Fahad. Greyscales takes the ball off Fahad and kicks it up the field. Hearne makes a valiant attempt to get the ball but with both Shark and Sakana there it's pretty much game.

Sharks taps the ball in, and it's 12-8 to the Fishermen!

First game win, the best start to any tournament! Next match, Hammer time.

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