tirsdag 4. april 2017

X-Wing (#1): Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker

After dinner & homework were done, Theodor Odin got to open the TIE Advanced pack I had traded for yesterday. Of course he decided to take Darth Vader for a spin, and I picked Luke Skywalker to make it a proper father-son fight. Each got a rookie sidekick and off we went.

Rebel (54 points)

Looks like someone's math was a bit off, Rebels seem to be fighting two points up.

Luke Skywalker X-Wing (28), BB-8 (2)
Blue Squadron Novice T-70 X-Wing (24)

Imperium (52 points)

Darth Vader TIE Advanced (29), Squad Leader (2), Cluster Missiles (4)
Epsilon Squadron Pilot TIE/fo Fighter (15), Weapons Guidance (2)

Round 1

Again, we are fighting in the skies over planet Flower IV. Everyone moves up and takes Focus. Everyone shoots and misses.

Round 2

The TIE fighter reverses course, but I move slowly and both my X-Wings can fire at it. I do some damage, but it survives. Darth fires a point blank salvo at the rookie but everything misses.

Round 3

Luke does a Koiogran turn and gets the Epsilon TIE/fo in its sights. All the shots hit and down it goes. Some shots from Vader knock off a couple of Luke's shields.

Round 4

Vader fires a double salvo of cluster missiles at poor Luke, who's Force is decidedly not with him at all. Luke is obliterated.

Round 5

The poor rookie X-Wing has no chance against the Dark Lord. First he gets target locked, focused, and then blinded by a critical hit, and cannot retaliate.

Round 6

Vader moves in for the kill and fires a focused salvo at point blank range. Blue Squadron Novice goes down in flames.

Post Mortem

A cinematic interpretation of the fight, showing how Darth Vader deals with anyone foolish enough to oppose the power of the dark side.

The young Sith adds insult to injury with a victory dab.

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