mandag 10. april 2017

X-Wing (#2): Han/Poe vs Vader/Soontir/Omega Ace/Interceptor

First 100 point game! I had a couple of friends over. We played a couple of games of Dominion, then I did a starter set game of X-Wing. After that we decided to try a 100 point match and see how it went. I had a 100 point Rebel List ready, My opponents wanted to play some more TIEs, so we threw together a quick 100 point list with 4 TIEs.

Rebel: Han and Poe (100)

Han Solo (61) - YT-1300
C-3PO (3), Luke Skywalker (7), Millennium Falcon (1), Engine Upgrade (4)

Poe Dameron (39) - T-70 X-Wing
Adrenaline Rush (1), Proton Torpedoes (4), R5-P9 (3)

Sith Lords ready for some dogfighting

Imperium: Vader and TIEs (99)

Darth Vader (32) - TIE Advanced
Adv. Homing Missiles (3)

Soontir Fel (29) - TIE Interceptor
Elusiveness (2)

Zeta Squadron Pilot (18) - TIE/FO Fighter
Weapons Guidance (2)

"Omega Ace" (20) - TIE/FO Fighter


We fight over a blue planet with some tasteful flower arrangements this time. Our board size is probably not correct.

Round 1

Left side TIE fighters go full tilt, and so does the Omega Ace. It lands within Range 3 of the Falcon. Han rolls two hits and a crit, Omega Ace rolls no evades, and of course I flip the Direct Hit card for an extra damage. Omega Ace goes down in flames.

Round 2

I figure that I will just try to boost the Falcon past things to get max use out of the turret, while Poe tries to get some good positions. I fire at Darth with everything but Evade + Focus saves him from any damage. Falcon gets a shield knocked off.

Round 3

The Interceptor gets deleted by the Falcon. The other TIEs have removed the Falcon's shields by now. C3PO is really crazy good, basically he gives one guaranteed Evade every round. I notice after the game that we have misplayed C3PO, we used his evade multiple times in a round. Sorry guys! It's my first time playing a beefed up Falcon!

Round 4

Poe gets blocked by the TIE, but he has only loses one shield from Vader. Falcon keeps going in big circles.

Round 5

The Falcon lands in sight of everyone and takes a couple of real damage. I score a crit on the TIE/fo and it loses 1 agility.

Round 6

The TIE gets shot off the board. Poe lands a hit on Vader.

Round 7

The Force fails the Dark Lord and he spins out of control, but he will be back later!

Post Mortem

We are noobs, but this did not feel evenly matched, The Falcon with all the rerolls murders the weaker TIEs. And of course since we are new the Falcon ignoring firing arcs is pretty great, probably that gets less good as we get better at predicting. I was super lucky to shoot the first TIE off the board in the first turn, though. I misplayed C3PO, but the Falcon had 6 hull left at the end, so it would not have changed the end result.

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