søndag 2. april 2017

X-Wing: The first game is free

After the Maddox vs Maelok game, I see that Mikkel and Renate have brought a bunch of X-Wing. I have heard it's good. Mikkel sets up a demo game to show me how to roll with the TIEs.


Veteran resistance pilot Poe Dameron faces off against a couple of rookie First Order TIE fighters.

After a lot of maneuvering and dice rolling, one of my TIEs makes a suitably cinematic crash into an asteroid. My last TIE blasts Poe to pieces.

First impressions? Game was fun and mechanics are simple. Movement system reminds me a little of Full Thrust. It's ridiculously unrealistic, but certainly fits the physics-defying world of Star Wars. Short round times, lots of randomness, and parallel execution in the planning phase seems to make this the perfect game for kids, and of course the hidden planning makes for some opportunities for bluffing and second-guessing.

So my hypothesis is that my 10 year old son will love this. This must be tested. FOR SCIENCE!


The second game is less free. Here we go.

Saturday Morning

We field two n00b TIE pilots against a n00b X-Wing.

Epsilon and Zeta vs Blue. Fight!
Pretty fun to try to guess what daddy is planning!

Where to turn, where to turn...

I will leave who won as an exercise for the reader.

The First Order successfully splats Blue Squadron Novice

 Sunday Morning

We pit one single souped up Zeta Ace against the hapless Blue Squadron Novice.

Eat Double Direct Hits, Blue Squadron Novice!

Another victory for the forces of darkness, here exemplified by my son.

Sunday Evening

Finally, the Resistance gets its revenge! Poe Dameron dispatches one TIE fighter with his Proton Torpedoes, and the other one gets shot to bits after some hefty maneuvering around the asteroids.

OK, this was awesome! My son was wildly enthusiastic and quite happy to frag his old man all through the weekend. Tomorrow I am buying a small lot of X-Wing miniatures from someone who wasn't using them...

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